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As the situation in Ukraine evolves, businesses should be mindful of potential risks to their people, assets, operations, or supply chains in the region and globally. Marsh, as part of the Marsh McLennan family of companies, has created a page with information, tools, and resources related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Please visit the page for the latest information.


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The manufacturing industry is transforming, and so are the challenges your business faces. Whether you’re concerned with attracting and retaining top talent, mitigating cyber risk, or complying with changing regulations, as your trusted advisor, we'll help you face it all. From manufacturing business insurance to employee health and benefits and retirement and wealth planning, we specialize in manufacturing businesses, such as: 

  • Apparel and accessories
  • Chemical products
  • Furniture
  • High-tech
  • Industrial and commercial machinery
  • Metal fabricators

Manufacturing industry solutions

Just like you’d work with an engineer to create manufacturing drawings for success, we work with you to provide practical, actionable solutions. Here are just a few of the options we have available to you.

Safety and risk management

Tailor solutions to protect your business. Our risk management team provides analytics and benchmarking on your organizational health, while Worker's Health 360 brings you comprehensive worker well-being solutions.

Environmental consulting

Environmental liabilities vary based on factors like equipment and location. Compared to other industries, manufacturers are impacted by environmental standards and changing regulations in more unique ways. Our specialists provide client-focused consulting that addresses your individual needs.

Cyber risk consulting

Assess, mitigate, and insure against potential risks for your business with our advisory services. We provide proprietary personalized cyber insurance solutions for manufacturing 4.0.

Workforce management and wellness

Retool your program to attract talent while managing costs. Pair sustainable benefits packages with powerful tools like Planning and Analytics for Total Health and Rx Solutions that integrate real-time data insights and clinical expertise.

Retirement, wealth, and voluntary benefits

Craft a benefits package that aligns with your budget and meets your employees' needs. Add value to their lives with additional coverage through voluntary benefits. Help them feel confident in their future with retirement and wealth planning.

Supply chain and business income

Safeguard your manufacturing business at all stages of production and protect against supply chain disruptions with our Trade Credit Practice and Business Interruption teams.

Workers' Health 360

Workers’ Health 360 (WH360) completes the circle of organizational health, worker well-being, and risk management with data integration

Meet Michelle, a manufacturing industry specialist.

Michelle Larssen

Senior Account Manager
Worcester, MA

Marsh McLennan Agency Alliances


Frequently Asked Questions

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. Trade relationships that were once unthinkable are now part of everyday life. At first glance, this is good news for manufacturing companies. However, it can mean they are exposed to new risks, and having the right manufacturing insurance is more important than ever. By considering these exposures in advance, you can help protect your livelihood.

Cyber liability is certainly one of the significant concerns of our modern age. While general liability, product liability, and product recalls were always part of day-to-day manufacturing business, cyber threats go beyond protecting these core coverages. Hackers and data breaches can permanently damage your reputation and put operations at risk. Cyber liability insurance helps to protect you from the consequences of those incidents.

Manufacturers will still encounter an array of claims and risks that could affect their business. In most cases, combining coverages like commercial property insurance, workers’ compensation, general liability, and commercial auto insurance is best to complete a manufacturing insurance package. Depending on your location and climate, it’s also worth looking at flood insurance.

Your risk exposure depends on your risk management and the value of your special equipment. Our manufacturing specialists can discuss the most common risks within your industry and those specific to your operations.

As a rule of thumb, business owners’ policies (BOPs) aim to provide basic coverage for small to mid-sized businesses in low-risk industries. Manufacturing operations typically involve higher risks than retail or office-type operations. BOPs probably won’t provide coverage for most manufacturing businesses.

While most BOPs will include property insurance coverage, they often exclude risks and liabilities that every manufacturing organization needs to consider for their manufacturing insurance. For instance, flood insurance, cyber loss, or pollution are often not covered to the extent needed, or not covered at all.

Therefore, having a partner that provides manufacturing insurance coverage including commercial property, product liability, business interruption, and workers’ compensation is essential. Our risk management consultants can assess your specific needs for coverage and help tailor an insurance program to meet your needs.

We call them sales representatives for a reason—they represent your business. Doing so requires them to travel, interact with customers, and, most importantly, be the face of your company. If an employee misrepresents your offerings or argues with a client, you should protect your business with an E&O policy. It may prevent claims from affecting your core business.

And even if your representative does everything right, they can’t protect themselves from accidents any better than you can protect your equipment. While coverage proportions will differ from business to business, it’s best to consider commercial auto insurance and general liability coverage. This protects your workers and the people they encounter during day-to-day operations.

As a subset of professional liability insurance, manufacturers E&O typically covers cases of negligence or material defects and the damages and financial losses resulting from them.

This may include design defects or failure to meet customer specifications, claims related to product performance, inadequate labeling or instructions, or even legal defense costs to a certain degree.

The premiums and coverage options may vary depending on the type of product you’re manufacturing and the risk management you and your business partners have already implemented.

Meet a manufacturing specialist.