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Latest News & Updates

2017 Employee Benefits Trends

Employee Benefits Outlook for 2017Analysis of the differing needs, perspectives, and desired mix of compensation and benefits will inform which benefit offerings will provide the most value and touch the largest segment of your employee population.

OT Regulatory burdens shift to states

Read about what is affecting the employee benefits outlook for 2016.Government regulation in the areas of overtime pay and minimum wage will certainly see some changes as a new administration settles in at the White House.

Compliance Update IRS Accepting Tax Returns Without Indication of Health Insurance

The IRS has announced that it will continue to process tax filings of individuals whose returns do not indicate whether they have maintained health insurance as required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Legalizing Marijuana Raises Legal Issues for Employers

As legalization of medical marijuana has become a reality for some states, Employers, especially those with workers in different states, should be aware of the new legal ramifications for a social and political issue that will get plenty of scrutiny in the future.

A Gap In Coverage- Locum Tenens Physicians
The hidden insurance risk for Locum Tenens physicians. A liability risk has emerged for these replacement physicians when it comes to malpractice coverage.