WellConnected Resources


Health Management Analyst
September 23, 2020

The WellConnected Resources are aligned with monthly topics that can be used to educate your employees on various health and well-being topics. These resources range from informative articles and healthy recipes, to interactive materials such as a monthly health planner and a scavenger hunt!

2020 WellConnected Resources

October - Fitness for All

September - Stress Management

August - Immunizations

July - Summer Safety

June - Cooking with Children

May - Musculoskeletel Health

April - Mindfulness/Meditation

March - Nutrition Trends & Myths

February - Heart Health

January - Managing your Healthcare Costs

Overview of our monthly Health Management topics: 2020 Annual Health Management Calendar

2019 WellConnected Resources

December - Medical Adherance

November - Financial Wellness

October - Oral Health

September - Sleep

August - Diabetes

July - Mental Health

June - Children's Health

May - Office Fitness

April - Food Groups

March - Telemedicine

February - Heart Health

January - Women's Health