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Financial Trends

In 2023, holistic retirement benefits will be a main focus for employees. Learn about financial and retirement trends and potential market changes for this year.

Challenges the C-suite face

Last year was a period of healing and growth for many businesses nationwide. Several industries still face a breadth of operational challenges going into the new year, including fiduciary and cyber risk, inflation, market volatility, and an imminent recession. How can business leaders offer their employees the benefits that will deliver peace of mind and lower financial stress for everyone?


of workers say they experienced negative effects due to the current economic environment. [1]


are more focused on becoming financially independent. [1]


of participants did not make a trade in their retirement account throughout 2022. [2]

What to expect in 2023

As employees seek jobs that offer extensive retirement benefits, businesses can profit from delivering health plans that focus on people’s ability to prepare for the future and improve their financial knowledge and well-being.
Diving into potential impacts that HR and benefits managers may need to consider when building their employee health plans this year, four trends stuck out. Here’s an overview of each:

Convergence of wealth and retirement
Wealth management and retirement planning are two essential aspects of organizing finances, and they’re often discussed separately from one another. Employees are now focusing more on taking a holistic approach to their money to create a more complete and inclusive financial plan. To accomplish this, employers should simultaneously advise employees on wealth and retirement planning by looking at investment opportunities and other forms of finance building. 

Retirement planning in a volatile market
The finance world is constantly shifting, and with it comes changing market conditions. With interest rates rising and retirement risk factors breathing down employees’ necks, HR and benefits managers need to understand what’s truly important to people and determine how best to advise in moments of financial uncertainty.

Inflation and imminent recession
Inflation is constantly fluctuating, which has a direct impact on how people save their money and how much employees are able to put away or invest. On top of that, the potential for a recession looms in the distance; this makes it essential for people to plan ahead financially.

Alternative assets
As both a response to inflation and a means to invest in wealth management practices, alternative assets like cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and the Metaverse have grown in popularity. What opportunities can HR and benefits managers offer to employees through nontraditional methods?

Prepare for the future of retirement benefits

If you want a more in-depth look at each of these retirement trends, download the full report.

Our solution

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all retirement plan. We’re here to help your business create a flexible and strategic solution that meets the needs of your workforce. From fiduciary oversight and plan optimization to investment management, and employee engagement best practices, our team of experienced financial and retirement plan specialists will be with you every step of the way. 


Download Marsh McLennan Agency’s Financial Trends Report.