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As the situation in Ukraine evolves, businesses should be mindful of potential risks to their people, assets, operations, or supply chains in the region and globally. Marsh, as part of the Marsh McLennan family of companies, has created a page with information, tools, and resources related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Please visit the page for the latest information.

HR Consulting

Simplify your HR processes to hire and retain top talent while enhancing your organization's resilience.

Aligning your business objectives with a human resource strategy while adapting to generational shifts and ever-changing legal demands doesn’t have to be hard. Our certified consultants can guide you on even the most challenging HR issues. Let Marsh McLennan Agency help you with compensation consulting, compliance audits, HR realignment consulting, operational assessments, recruiting, and more.

Benefits of HR Consulting

Utilize Marsh McLennan Agency’s  breadth of experience at critical moments of your company’s journey, making it easier to follow recent legislative requirements and boost employee engagement.

  • Focused specialization: Deep HR knowledge from seasoned specialists
  • Cost savings: Take a load off your in-house HR department and stay current with trends
  • Scalability: Adjust to changing needs while entering new markets or adapting to seasonality
  • Strategy: Align business objectives with a human capital strategy for competitive advantage
  • Compliance: Stay updated with current regulations to reduce legal and financial risk
  • Enhanced recruitment: Find the right candidates more easily and get help allocating resources


HR Consulting Offerings

Ready to enhance your human resources strategy? Mix and match HR service offerings tailored to your business needs to make sure every employee in your organization gets the attention they deserve.

HR on Call: Quick HR answers, helpful samples, and resources

Subscribe to “HR on Call” to receive answers to pressing HR questions via phone or email.

Recruiting services

Attract and select top talent to fuel business growth, innovation, and performance.

Competitive compensation and retention programs

Develop compensation packages like pay benchmarks and executive compensation programs.

HR compliance and operational reviews

Evaluate HR’s risks and review operational effectiveness.

Concierge HR outsourcing

Streamline your HR department’s operations by outsourcing elements of the employment lifecycle.

HR projects and special services

Draft employee handbooks, PEO strategies, and job description templates. Conduct training for DE&I programs.

Legal compliance guidance

Stay compliant with federal, state, and local laws, utilizing our seasoned attorneys for guidance.

Interim professional placement

Provide short-term onsite experts to fill key HR (or other professional) vacancies.

HR transformation

Develop succession plans, organizational restructures and workforce planning solutions.

Meet Amy, the national practice leader of HR consulting.

Amy Letke

National HR Consulting Practice Leader

Frequently Asked Questions

Marsh McLennan Agency provides broad-scale HR consulting services, including recruiting services, HR audits, strategic planning, management for HR realignment, and performance management. You can benefit from the expertise of a seasoned HR consultant who offers strategic guidance and solutions tailored to complement your internal HR department.

Our consultants can help you simplify talent management or support an HR audit by aligning your business objectives with a thorough HR strategy, helping you navigate generational shifts and changing legal requirements. To support these strategies, we help you streamline your HR processes with advanced HR tools. This makes managing compliance, DE&I initiatives, and employee engagement easier.

Your main benefit lies in access to deep HR knowledge and expertise from experienced specialists who follow regulatory changes and market trends. This makes for cost-saving opportunities by reducing the burden on your in-house HR department. It can also help you scale to adapt to changing needs, whether you’re expanding into new markets or addressing seasonal variations. A more streamlined recruitment process can also lead to better candidate experience and selection, thus helping you find the right candidates and allocate resources effectively.

Absolutely. You can easily adjust and customize your HR services to adapt to changing business requirements, such as market expansion, seasonal fluctuations, or organizational growth.

“HR on Call” is a service that offers quick answers to pressing HR questions through calls, texts, or emails. It provides rapid and convenient access to HR professionals who can provide guidance and solutions, helping you understand key factors to make compliant decisions and support effective HR issue management.

Meet an HR consulting specialist.

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