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Homeowners Insurance

Whether you live in a custom-built luxury home or a historic home expertly crafted with hard-to-find materials, you want to know that if your house is damaged your homeowners insurance policy will pay to have it rebuilt and restored to its original condition.

Today, the average home is underinsured by 22%, and many luxury homes are underinsured by 60% or more. Even the most successful families can be underinsured, and you may face a gap between your home’s insured value and its reconstruction cost, which means you may be overpaying to be underinsured with your current carrier.

Homeowners Insurance Benefits

  • With the extended replacement cost option, the cost to rebuild your home is covered even if the total amount exceeds your policy limit 
  • Full replacement cost means you don’t have to worry about the depreciated value of your personal property
  • In the event of a claim, you can choose a cash settlement option for reimbursement of the full value of your personal property
  • With equipment breakdown protection, the cost to repair or replace damaged equipment is covered
  • Dedicated claims advocacy helps resolve claims quickly and with as little disruption as possible

Basic policies only provide limited coverage for structures, contents, and personal liability.

If you have a detached garage, a guest house, or other structures on your property, you may have significant coverage gaps with basic policies, which may leave you responsible for unexpected costs in the event of a loss. Plus, not all companies provide full replacement costs for your contents. Additional coverage may also be needed for certain collectibles. Last, if you're ever sued for liability, you want the peace-of-mind in knowing you have adequate coverage. We work with you to make sure your valuable articles coverage provides protection against loss or damage to your prized possessions.

Market value does not equal reconstruction value

Market value is what a willing buyer would pay for your home. Reconstruction value is the amount it would take to replace or rebuild you home at current material and labor costs after a loss.

Request a homeowners quote.

It's easy to work with us to ensure your homeowners policy aligns with your reconstruction value, possessions, structures and liability needs. No one has the expertise, knowledge, resources, or reach to handle your needs the way we do. Request your homeowners quote now.

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