Individual Health

Our individual health benefits consultants connect our clients with customized individual health policies that best support each person’s stage of life and keep family members protected.

Whether you recently experienced a major life change (divorce, job change, graduation) or you find yourself no longer eligible under your spouse’s health plan, we can provide you with options for your health care protection.  We can also assist you with questions about the Affordable Care Act and how it impacts individual medical insurance.

In addition, we can help you understand and determine your eligibility for the two types of federal subsidies to help lower health care costs beginning in 2014.  If you are eligible, we can assist you in applying for a subsidy on the Health Insurance Marketplace, also known as the Exchange.

State Specific

California - Medicare

Few of California’s Medicare enrollees depend exclusively on Medicare for health insurance. More than half rely on Medi-Cal, Medigap or employer-sponsored insurance to help cover costs. If you are on an employer-sponsored group plan, just because you are turning 65 does not mean you have to enroll in Medicare.
Making informed choices can lessen your overall healthcare costs. Original Medicare will not cover all of your medical expenses. To avoid potential gaps in coverage, delays and costly penalties, contact our licensed and certified in-house Medicare Specialists to help you get started and provide expert consultation as your circumstances change.

Which Combination Will You Choose?

- Original Medicare with supplemental coverage (Medigap) and Medicare Prescription Drug Plan
- Medicare Advantage Plan
- Senior Dental Plan
- International travel

What You Need To Decide

You biggest decision, and the one to make first is whether you want Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) or Medicare Advantage (Part C). They cover the same basic services, but they work differently. Your choice depends on what you need.

Medicare Insurance Advocates