Fiduciary Risk

Understanding Fiduciary Responsibilities

Do you sponsor a retirement plan? If so, you are a fiduciary.

As a fiduciary, you are entrusted with a critical responsibility. How well are you fulfilling your fiduciary plan obligations?

Unfortunately, when it comes to such obligations, the weight of the work matches the weight of the responsibility. The many “have-to’s” can be overwhelming.

MMA Retirement Services is here to make it easier. Our goal is to provide you with information necessary to make better decisions and reduce your fiduciary risk. To help our clients better meet their fiduciary plan obligations, we’ve created a proprietary assessment tool: the MMA Fiduciary Scorecard.

To learn more, take a moment to watch this brief video and fill out the form to download your complimentary MMA Fiduciary Scorecard.


And—as always—reach out to your MMA Retirement Services team with any questions.