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Innovations and challenges in finance

The financial landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by several factors reshaping how individuals save, invest, and plan for retirement. In this era of rapid change, navigating the evolving financial world with a keen understanding of the key trends is essential.

A look at generative AI, cybersecurity, and more

In this report, we dive into four pivotal elements of this transformation: the groundbreaking potential of generative AI, the growing menace of fraud and cyber risks, the impact of inflation on the retirement savings gap, and the merging of wealth management and retirement planning. As we journey through these trends, it becomes evident that the financial landscape isn’t just changing–it’s evolving into something entirely new, offering opportunities and challenges for individuals, employers, and financial advisors alike.

Generative AI: a transformative force in finance

Generative AI technology is poised to disrupt several industries, including finance, and has the potential to make investing more accessible and personalized for individuals. Many organizations are harnessing its power as a technological engine for data and predictive analysis, automation, and research insights.

Fraud and cybersecurity concerns

While AI presents remarkable potential in the financial world, it also introduces a new dimension of concern regarding fraud and cyber threats. The capabilities that make AI valuable, such as personalized investment recommendations and data analysis, can be exploited by malicious actors seeking to deceive or manipulate financial systems. 

Inflation's impact on the retirement savings gap

Inflation, coupled with factors such as student loan debt, high housing costs, and rising auto prices, has made saving for retirement increasingly challenging. The pace of inflation has outstripped pay increases, making it difficult for many Americans to save adequately for retirement.

Convergence of wealth and retirement planning

As markets continue to fluctuate, individuals are emphasizing long-term financial planning related to their retirement and complete financial future. Financial advisors are transforming their approach to address this movement, moving toward holistic, client-focused strategies that merge retirement planning and wealth management.


Equip yourself with insights

Make informed decisions and embrace innovative strategies for you and your employees’ financial futures.

Read our report for more on these emerging topics.