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June 30, 2021

The secret to spending only 15 minutes a week on benefits, onboarding, and compliance

Nick Maronde

Companies with hourly workers have their own unique challenges when it comes to employee turnover and benefits burdens. Many of my clients have been searching for a solution that allows them to enhance their benefit offerings, attract and retain talent, and free up time for their HR team – all while lowering costs and staying compliant. Previously, this sounded too good to be true. Now, companies can leverage EmployerAdvantage to accomplish all these goals. Here’s a recent client example:


A partner of a large e-commerce company with many hourly workers was experiencing rapid growth – expanding from less than 10 employees in 2019 to 130 employees in 2020. They were spending significant time each week making sure their benefit plans were ACA compliant, manually completing payroll deductions and filling out paper forms for open enrollment.


The client was able to streamline their benefits package using EmployerAdvantage. This solution automated enrollment and payroll deductions, provided employees with more benefits options and mitigated costs for both the employer and employee.

Now, the company spends less than 15 minutes per week on benefits administration, onboarding and compliance. As an added bonus, they feel confident that they’re offering one of the most competitive benefit plans in their industry, resulting in greater talent attraction and retention.

How it Works

EmployerAdvantage provides each hourly worker a choice of three medical plans: A basic low-cost plan designed to meet the basic needs of most hourly paid workers, a medium level plan with more coverage, and a third more traditional and more expensive plan. The basic and mid-level plans have no deductibles. Each health benefit requires only a copay with very low out-of-pocket costs to the worker. All plans meet ACA requirements but at different levels.

Benefits are offered and processed automatically, saving significant time for HR teams. You no longer need to process open enrollment paperwork, enter payroll deductions, or track down employees to collect forms. Instead, as the employer, all you have to do is direct new hires to a 5-minute virtual onboarding portal at the same time they fill out the I-9, W-4 and other new employee paperwork. Enrollment information is collected automatically during the onboarding process and an offer of coverage is provided to employees. A licensed bilingual call center is also available to manage employee questions and drive employee engagement.

EmployerAdvantage allows employers to offer affordable benefits, save significant time for HR teams, and boost employee engagement and retention. To learn more, contact your local MMA office.