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Valuable Articles

Even the most comprehensive homeowners policy is limited in its protection of high-value items, such as fine art, jewelry, silver, crystal, antiques, furs, or other unique valuable article collectibles. Relying solely on your homeowners policy for coverage means you may find out you don’t have enough insurance to replace your prized possessions in the event they are lost, stolen, or damaged. 

Schedule a complimentary personal risk management review today for a customized valuable articles insurance solution. 

Benefits of Valuable Articles Coverage

  • Higher coverage limits than a homeowners policy
  • Broader list of covered losses than a homeowners policy
  • No deductible applies
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Dedicated claims advocacy helps resolve claims quickly and with as little disruption as possible
  • Scheduled coverage may provide up to 150% of an item's insured amount if it costs more to replace it at the time of loss
  • Coverage for newly acquired items
  • Typically, you can choose how you'll use your reimbursement

Homeowners policy limitations for valuable articles

A separate valuable articles insurance policy may offer better protection. Most homeowners insurance policies provide only limited coverage for valuables such as art, jewelry, and collectibles. Homeowners policy limitations for valuable articles include:

Coverage for breakage is generally excluded

Items that are misplaced or lost may not be covered

A deductible will most likely apply to your loss

The loss settlement for items of rarity or antiquity may be limited

Coverage for many types of valuables is often limited to $1,000 to $5,000

Blanket coverage or scheduled items?

No matter what you do, it’s always a good idea to create an inventory, establish the value of your possessions, and then protect them. Your insurance choices are adding a valuable articles policy using a scheduled list of items or blanket coverage.

By itemizing, you and your insurer agree on the individual value of an item before a loss happens. With blanket coverage, the policy provides a single high limit coverage that could apply to any number of valuables. We can help you determine what makes sense for your collection.  

Client advocacy in action

Lost family heirloom in Thailand


Our client was vacationing on a beach in Thailand when she realized her platinum and diamond pendant was missing.  The pendant was very special because the center stone had been in the family for multiple generations.


While the client was still in Thailand, our claims advocacy team worked with the carrier to arrange a reward if the pendant was found. Because of the great sentimental value, we also arranged to have metal detectors used on the beach and surrounding area in hopes of locating the missing pendant. This type of above and beyond claims service is not typically offered through standard carriers. 

Your next steps

Our personal insurance advisors will provide consultation and education to help you decide how to best protect your valuables. And we’ll make sure it’s all aligned with your other insurance policies.

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