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As the situation in Ukraine evolves, businesses should be mindful of potential risks to their people, assets, operations, or supply chains in the region and globally. Marsh, as part of the Marsh McLennan family of companies, has created a page with information, tools, and resources related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Please visit the page for the latest information.

Dimensions of Well-being

A comprehensive well-being program that considers an individual’s physical, mental, financial, and social well-being benefits both employers and employees.

As medical costs continue to rise globally, you’re likely looking for ways to better manage your employee benefits spend. Health improvement and well-being programs are a way to reduce rising medical costs, minimize the impact of disability related claims, and promote employee productivity and healthy lifestyles. Marsh McLennan Agency’s comprehensive well-being programs benefit both employers and employees. We believe if you support the whole person with a comprehensive, smart, and data-driven strategy, it gets results.



of an employees' annual salary is lost when they are not engaged (1)



of employees want help with their personal finances (2)



of CEOs believe their companies are doing enough for employee mental health, yet only 69% of employees agree (3)

Benefits of Well-being

A smart and well-executed initiative that supports employees’ total well-being can pay dividends for employers:

  • Higher employee
  • Increased employee
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Fewer injuries
  • Lower claims costs
  • More efficient operations


“When employees feel supported, in all aspects of their lives, it resonates throughout an organization.”

 - Dave Eslick, Marsh McLennan Agency Chairman and CEO

Well-being resources

Discover the resources built to enhance your wellness programs and workers' health.

Well-being Features

When you look at well-being holistically and make it available broadly, there is real potential to impact not only your individual employees, but the health of your company overall.

Whole Person Health

Our comprehensive approach to enhanced well-being comprises four dimensions: financial, social, physical, and mental health.

Tailored Plan

In collaboration with you, we inventory your current program to identify gaps, then build a custom plan with metrics for measured impact and actionable tactics to implement.

Value of Investment

See the value of your program with score cards, employee satisfaction surveys, and other metrics directly aligned with specific corporate objectives.

Meet Georgette, a health management consultant.

Georgette Kores

Health Management Consultant
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Meet a dimensions of well-being specialist.

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