Claims Management & Advocacy

Pre-, Post- and At-Loss Services Deliver Results 

It’s not uncommon for a claim adjuster to have 180 claims on their desk at once. Our experience and reputation in the industry helps ensure yours gets the treatment it deserves.

Marsh & McLennan Agency's skilled claims consultants are, in many ways, the backbone of our risk prevention platform. Not only do they work on your behalf on individual claims to ensure an equitable outcome, but they also deliver scheduled services to keep your claim reserves, records and experience mod worksheets accurate. Additionally, they provide ongoing day-to-day advocacy, helping you make your way through sticky claim situations and providing strategic counsel on a variety of claim-related issues.

A sample of our services includes:

Analysis & Planning 

  • Claim reporting procedures and manuals
  • Loss history and trend analysis
  • Job site/facility inspections

Monitoring, Advocacy & Forecasting

  • Monitor open claims to ensure accuracy and minimize impact on e-mod
  • Reserve reductions and closures 
  • Monitor and work with adjusters and carriers to ensure refiles and other promises are delivered as promised
  • E-Mod Modeling helps you plan for future premium pricing changes based on experience, payroll
  • Medical management
  • Clinic and physician selection 
  • Regular reviews of Experience Modification Worksheet and Unit Statistical Data

People Processes

  • Safety Culture support
  • Stay-At-Work/Transitional Duty programs
  • Hiring support, guidance and screenings
  • Patient care strategies, techniques
  • Management support with post-claim people issues (communicating with off-work employee, ensuring compliance with ADA, FMLA, etc.)