Private Aviation

At Marsh & McLennan Agency, clients benefit from local delivery of expert advice and empirical data provided by insurance professionals who understand aviation risks. Writing aviation insurance tends to be more complex than other risks. Without our expertise and knowledge, you could be paying higher premiums for unresponsive coverage. Our dedicated practice team can help you create a strategy to optimize your coverage. 

Available coverage for owner-flown aircraft used for pleasure or business purposes that exclude any fees for service:

  • Piston Single & Multi-Engine
  • Turbine-Jet & Turbo-Prop Cabin Class Aircraft
  • War Birds & Experimental Aircraft
  • Piston & Turbine Helicopters

Coverage for Personal Aircraft
Pleasure and business aviation insurance is designed for owner-flown general aviation aircrafts used for pleasure and personal incidental business (not-for-hire or compensation). We are pleased to offer a convenient way to purchase hull and liability for personal aircraft or pilot’s liability for non-owned aircraft.

Quote Form-Personal Piston Engine Aircraft
The online quote has most piston engine standard and experimental aircraft available for immediate coverage; however, if you cannot find your aircraft in the online application or have questions regarding coverage or limits, please contact MMA for personal handling of your specific situation.

Quote Form-Pilot’s Liability for Non-Owned Aircraft
MMA also offers non-owned aircraft liability insurance to protect pilots from legal liabilities of flying someone else’s aircraft and provides coverage for legal defense if claims are made against the pilot.

Commercial Aviation Risk Management Solutions are also available. Visit our Aviation section for more information.