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Dimensions of well-being

Dimensions of well-being playbooks

At Marsh McLennan Agency, we work with many different organizations on their health and well-being programs. We’ve found the best strategies are ones that address whole person health. To help organizations create a whole person health strategy, we identify organizational priorities, assess needs, and determine the appropriate means to measure. You can start this process yourself by asking three questions: “Why, what, and how?” 

Ask why

Why implement a well-being strategy?  Some business drivers could include: 

  • Cost control 
  • Quality and customer satisfaction 
  • Generate revenue and grow business 
  • Efficiency in operations 
  • Risk management 
  • Employee engagement and retention 

Define what

What opportunities exist within your organization?  Use available data to identify areas of focus. Consider reviewing the following: 

  • Company policies  
  • Organizational stressors 
  • Human resources information system (HRIS) reports 
  • Employee engagement 
  • Healthcare claims, risk scores, and health screenings 
  • Workers’ comp and safety reports 
  • Workplace environmental assessment results 

Decide how

How will health and well-being be improved? Determine the tactics (programs, resources, and tools) you’ll use to address well-being. For example, you could: 

  • Create a supportive, caring workplace culture where employees can thrive (mentally, financially, socially, and physically) 
  • Align policies and procedures with organizational needs 
  • Develop a well-being mission statement with measurable objective 
  • Develop a well-being communication strategy  
  • Leverage free, local, and national resources 

The health and well-being consultants at MMA can help you find best practice solutions which may include: 

  • Development of a business case for investing in employee well-being 
  • Assistance with development of strategic well-being plans 
  • Robust communication strategy support 
  • Turn-key tools and programs 
  • Review of third-party vendor solutions  
  • Monitoring and tracking program progress 
  • Data analysis and strategic implementation 

Contact your local MMA team or Betsy Kirby-Nota for more resources on employee well-being.

Well-being playbooks