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Cybersecurity and digital awareness

Confidently Covered - Episode 1

The prevalence and impact of personal cyber risks and attacks has left many feeling overwhelmed and exposed. Tammy Stephens, MMA PCS National Client Executive and cyber subject matter specialist, joins Pete Walther on this episode to talk through some of the most common cyber risks we face and provides simple steps we can take to protect ourselves, our families, and our lifestyles in today's increasingly digital world. 


Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to start when it comes to protecting yourself against cyber risks? Here are Tammy's top three pieces of advice:

Focus on progress, not perfection. Trying to get it perfect all at once can be overwhelming. Start with small simple steps.  Second, practice awareness and good digital hygiene. And third, create a plan for pre- and post-breach action. Having a plan in place can help you avoid a white-knuckle ride, should a breach occur. 

Tammy encourages listeners to slow down, to stop, think, and then act.

Tammy also elaborates on common sources of cyber risk: Phishing/Vishing/Smishing, Ransomware, and the Internet of Things, and provides tips to avoid a cyber attack:

  1. Upgrade your router and Wi-Fi extenders.
  2. Rename your network.
  3. Install highly regarded anti-malware.
  4. Use a virtual private network (VPN). 
  5. Enable your network encryption.
  6. Turn off network name broadcasting.
  7. Keep your software up to date.
  8. Have a good firewall.
  9. Secure your passwords. Enroll in a password manager. 
  10. Enable multi-factor authentication.  

When it comes having a plan, she offers some key advice: Contact your insurance advisor to understand what cyber coverages may already be in place under your existing policies, and what additional coverages may be available to you. Gain access to legal and cyber security expertise with 24/7 hotlines, which will come in handy in the event of a breach. And sit down with your family to discuss cyber hygiene expectations and build a layered approach to prevention and detection.


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