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Personal Cyber

Nearly half of Americans were victims of identity theft in 2020. Many specialized insurance carriers include some level of coverage for cyber-related incidents on homeowners policies. This may address the loss of data related to a virus or malware, funds stolen from a financial account, or damages related to online libel or slander. However, coverage amounts are often limited to $10,000 or less, leaving potential gaps in coverage. 

An MMA PCS personal risk advisor can recommend appropriate cyber insurance solutions based on your extraordinary lifestyle.

Benefits of Personal Cyber Insurance

Specialized personal cyber coverage provides an extra layer of protection for the unique scenarios that create cyber loss.

  • Reimbursement for financial loss resulting from incidents of online and offline fraud and cyber extortion
  • Cyberbullying expenses, such as psychiatric care, temporary relocation, and a digital forensic analyst
  • Real-time cyberattack assistance
  • Data restoration
  • Dedicated claims advocacy helps resolve claims quickly and with as little disruption as possible
  • Identity theft protection and monitoring
  • Cyber extortion threat reimbursement
  • Access to cyber consultants
  • Cyber risk assessments and diagnostic tools
  • Crisis management and reputation restoration

Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals with the coverage you deserve.

Most of us live on our computers, tablets and smartphones, and we know there are criminals wanting to access our most sensitive data. Successful individuals and families make attractive targets because cybercriminals want the opportunity to score bigger paydays. As cybercriminals continue to devise new schemes, it’s important that you and your family are protected.

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated.

Cybercriminals continually find new ways to target victims and earn bigger payouts. For example, one victim was browsing online when a pop-up window appeared stating their computer would be locked, and all files would be deleted unless a hefty ransom was paid with virtual, untraceable funds within 24 hours. These ransomware extortion threats happen nearly every day. 

Are you properly prepared?

We offer several solutions that can help protect you and your family from loss from some of the most common types of cybercrime including identity theft, credit card/banking fraud, and social networking scams.

Let us design your solution.

Cyber coverage may be available as a policy endorsement to your personal or commercial insurance program, or as a stand-alone solution. It is important to include both personal and business cyber risk management and insurance solutions as part of your overall insurance program.

Meet Tammy, a cyber risk specialist.

Tammy M. Stephens, CCIC

National Client Executive 
Boston, MA, 30 years' experience

Your next steps

We make it simple to get the right cyber coverage. Schedule a personal risk management review today and learn about available cyber insurance solutions to meet your needs.  

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