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May 14, 2019

Germs that attack the brain: How to protect yourself from encephalitis & meningitis

Did you know that certain germs can attack your brain?  When you get sick, some germs can attack the brain or the protective lining that surrounds the brain. This can cause swelling and lead to severe illness, or even death.

It’s important to recognize the symptoms so you can get medical help as quickly as possible.  When the brain swells, it’s called encephalitis. When the lining of the brain, or meninges, becomes inflamed, it’s called meningitis. The symptoms can be similar for both.

At first, you might get a fever, feel tired, and sometimes have a rash. Those things can last a day or two, or a little bit longer. Then, you may have a headache, along with fever, neck stiffness, and you can get sensitivity to light.