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August 17, 2022

Health care apps can break down barriers to primary care

Looking for a simpler option to manage your health care costs? Look no further.

Stephen Gallagher

Employers looking to differentiate themselves in the race to attract and retain top talent are looking at their employee benefits package—and rightfully so. However, if you asked your employees to rate satisfaction levels with their health insurance, you may be disappointed in the results. The reason, however, may not be what you think.

According to the Global Brand Simplicity Index, health insurance is 19 out of 25 in terms of industry simplicity—only several places behind cable providers and just ahead of all forms of travel. It appears the difficulties of navigating the current health care system are nearly comparable to trying to understand why your luggage got lost or why there are no rental cars left, despite your reservation. This complexity barrier may be the underlying cause of employee dissatisfaction.  

Like online shopping—the second simplest industry, according to the index—individuals want consumer-friendly experiences for their health care where they can search for an item, compare prices, and read reviews before committing to a purchase. The industry has taken note and is finally starting to catch up with the introduction of apps such as SimplePay Health.

The app offers an innovative, employer-sponsored marketplace that allows members to shop for care through an app platform. This allows companies to deliver savings and simplicity to both employers and employees—with up to 20% or more in savings passed along to employees. 

Of course, in keeping with the theme, the app itself is straightforward and simple. Participants search for a condition in the app and it will display all the doctors or facilities in the area, the price of each doctor/facility, and customer ratings/reviews. Once the participant decides on the location of service or pharmacy, payment is the price originally shown on the app. There are no surprise bills months later. 

Although one may think there is a correlation between the cost options and quality care, the most competitively priced doctors and facilities can also provide high-quality care based on ratings and outcomes. The doctors and facilities that participate are known for these competitively priced services and high-quality outcomes—saving employees and your health plan money.

As employers continue to search for ways to retain employees, many are turning to non-traditional employer-sponsored insurance models. At Marsh McLennan Agency, we believe in delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions to our clients and apps such as SimplePay help us provide clients with a wide range of options.

To learn more, check out our recent webinar replay, “A New Primary Care Model to Increase Access and Lower Costs,” and reach out to your MMA representative today to see how we can help your organization better manage health care costs.