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September 16, 2019

The power of life

Positive impacts from keeping on top of your life insurance policy

Sean Quill

Throughout my years of experience working in life, long-term care and disability insurance, I have worked with many clients to protect their most valuable possessions, their families. When new life events occur, policies should be checked to ensure all assets are covered. I have seen how life insurance is a sense of security for family members after their loved one passes. 

Twenty-eight years ago, a life insurance policy was placed in force to protect a young family, a young child, a mortgage and a bread winners’ income. Over time, through periodic reviews, additional life insurance policy increases were made to keep pace with the family's changing needs.

Then, last year, a call came in, “I have pancreatic cancer.” I was amazed by how strong my client was as he said this. He spoke with a positive attitude and resolve to fight the dreaded disease he had been diagnosed with. At that moment, all I could think to say to him was, “Your family is well taken care of due to the love you showed them by having life insurance in place.” Hearing this meant the world to him, and I trust I provided him with some peace of mind and comfort during the difficult conversation which I have had so many times before throughout my 34-year career.

Two months ago, I found out my client had passed away at the age of 60 after a valiant fight. His wife called me with the news and asked to meet as soon as possible to discuss her future and finances. “I’m 57-years-old and my husband made most of our money and financial decisions. So what will I be able to do financially now?” she asked. My response, “Just about anything you wish due to the proper foundation of life insurance your loving husband had provided for you.”

That is the power of