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As the situation in Ukraine evolves, businesses should be mindful of potential risks to their people, assets, operations, or supply chains in the region and globally. Marsh, as part of the Marsh McLennan family of companies, has created a page with information, tools, and resources related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Please visit the page for the latest information.

March 7, 2022

Year End 2021 U.S. Business Insurance State of the Market Report.

Denise Perlman

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Executive summary

The 17th edition of the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2022 Global Risk Report, with support form Marsh McLennan, underscored that climate transition disorder, digital dependency risks, and cyber vulnerabilities have been overshadowed by knock-on economic risks. These secondary risks are ongoing tests of resiliency as it relates to supply chain disruptions, inflaion, debt, and labor market shortages. These difficulties are impeding the visibility of the more crucial risk concerns.

This quarterly report provides an in depth look at all Business Insurance coverage lines, industry-specific trends, claim trends, and a regional look at the regulatory landscape—all with a focus on resiliency.

Click here to view the Year End 2021 U.S. Business Insurance State of the Market Report

Denise Perlman, CIC, Executive Vice President, Business Insurance & National Partnerships