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Unlock the power of integrated well-being

Marsh McLennan Agency’s new report, Thriving Together: Navigating the Intersection of Employee Health and Financial Well-being, examines the positive impact that combined health and wealth benefits can have on an organization.

The power of health and wealth together

For years, well-being programs and employee financial wellness worked in different silos. However, as the workplace and its employees continue to evolve, businesses can combine the power of employee health benefits with financial literacy to create a comprehensive approach to employee well-being.

This report explores the interconnection between employee financial wellness and overall health. By combining these two aspects of well-being, businesses can positively impact everyone in the workplace.

The impacts on employers

Creating a benefits package that addresses employees’ health and financial concerns can foster a productive and engaged work environment. Effective well-being strategies can help create increasingly satisfied employees. According to a recent Gallup study, employees who rate their well-being highly are 43% more likely to engage more with their work.

The impacts on employees

Employers prioritizing their employees’ physical health and financial well-being can create a satisfying and positive work environment. Offering resources that improve financial literacy and wellness supports and empowers employees in a business. This support can create a culture that values employees' personal and financial growth while helping them advance in their careers.

It's important to cater to the diverse needs of your workforce by offering employee programs that integrate mental, physical, and financial health initiatives. Our report can help you bring together health and wealth benefits seamlessly.


Health and wealth: the key to a new era of employee well-being

Unlock the full potential of your workplace well-being.

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