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As the situation in Ukraine evolves, businesses should be mindful of potential risks to their people, assets, operations, or supply chains in the region and globally. Marsh, as part of the Marsh McLennan family of companies, has created a page with information, tools, and resources related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Please visit the page for the latest information.

Are your retirement plan services working for you?

At Marsh McLennan Agency, we work to support you across all aspects of your business. One of the areas we specialize in is financial services. You can trust us to provide support for your company's retirement plan.

Here’s how we help

We understand the potential risks and rewards surrounding your organization’s unique situation. Work with us to create a comprehensive plan that puts your employees’ financial goals within reach. Here’s what you can expect when teaming up with Marsh McLennan Agency.

Reduce risk

It’s not just you. There has been an increasing focus on fiduciary liability, especially when it comes to corporate retirement plans. Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) audits and class action lawsuits have increased drastically in the last few years. As a result, companies sponsoring retirement plans and individual fiduciaries face increasing monetary penalties.

Increase retention

Your employees are one of the most critical assets to your business. It’s vital that they feel their financial well-being is in good hands. The more financially secure your employees are, the more likely they will be productive. 

Whatever your employees' financial situations look like, empower them with retirement plan education and equip them with our financial wellness tools - helping ensure they can achieve their goals.

Evaluate cost competitiveness

How often do you analyze the cost and competitiveness of your retirement plan offering? 

From plan design to fee benchmarking, our team helps your business by assessing whether your plan's services are effective, and fees are reasonable.



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