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Revolutionize your data with Workers’ Health 360®

Data is power. If you have it, why wouldn’t you put that information to work?

Leverage your employee data for a healthy and productive team

Your organization has an abundance of data that's teeming with hidden insights about the health and well-being of your employees. Why not put that information to work?

Simply looking at reports from your medical and workers’ compensation carriers won’t give you the full story. That’s where Workers’ Health 360® comes in.

Using advanced analytics, our clinical consultants and data analysts combine data from your employee benefits, workers’ compensation, disability, and leave trends to deliver results that effectively impact overall health and productivity while working to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses.

A comprehensive look at your organizational and population health

Without connected data to guide you, how can you make strategic insurance and coverage decisions? Workers’ Health 360 gives your organization a holistic, easy-to-digest view of your employee population. 
When you have a clear line of sight into your total cost of risk you can customize your program management strategies to impact health care, workers’ compensation, and disability risk.

Workers' Health 360 revolutionizes the way self-funded employers can approach employee health and productivity.

Actionable strategies that work for you

When your employee data is connected through Workers’ Health 360, you can evaluate the patterns and trends across your organization. Our clinical consultants and analysts add their expertise to identify opportunities and develop customized strategies that fit your unique needs.

With Workers’ Health 360, you can answer questions such as:

  • Does your employees’ avoidance of preventive care lead to workplace injury?

  • What percentage of injured workers don’t have preventive annual physical exams?

  • Are those with low or no medical claims using workers’ compensation as their primary medical treatment?

  • Are employees with chronic conditions predisposed to workplace injuries? 

  • What impact do chronic conditions have on the duration of absence for those on short-term disability?

  • Do your injured workers have underlying medical conditions that increase risk of injury?

  • What is the impact of behavioral/mental health-related issues as a secondary diagnosis to duration of absences?

Consultant Spotlight

"Through the data integration, we can identify the population’s risk factors leading to absences or extended leave and build a targeted solution which we can then use to measure impact across all areas of the business."

Kate Valette, BSN, RN
Clinical Consultant, Marsh McLennan Agency

Benefits of Workers' Health 360

Our advanced analytics and clinical consultants enable us to identify trends and patterns that can help prevent work-related injuries and illnesses. By addressing these issues proactively, we can improve employee health outcomes and reduce the need for costly medical intervention and other costs associated with workers’ compensation, disability, and leave trends.

We’ll help you identify potentially unknown risk factors leading to absences or extended leave and build a targeted solution to keep employees safe. When risks are identified and proactively mitigated, employees are healthier and able to stay focused and productive, resulting in less business interruptions over time.

You’ll be able to use connected data to positively impact employee health. By analyzing trends identified by Workers’ Health 360, you can discover opportunities for new health programs and areas for improved benefits that can boost the health of your employees.

Ready to see the difference Workers’ Health 360 can make for your organization?

Schedule a demo today and see firsthand how advanced analytics and data-driven solutions can help you improve employee health and productivity, reduce risk, and identify your total cost of risk.


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