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As the situation in Ukraine evolves, businesses should be mindful of potential risks to their people, assets, operations, or supply chains in the region and globally. Marsh, as part of the Marsh McLennan family of companies, has created a page with information, tools, and resources related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Please visit the page for the latest information.

Advisory Resources

Premier personal risk management requires a holistic view of the property, assets, and interests at stake. Because clients often have more at risk than property and liability, Marsh McLennan Agency Private Client Services believes in taking a comprehensive approach to lifestyle protection.


MMA PCS has relationships with several distinguished brands in the areas of art advisory, asset management, family enterprise, medical resources, and security services that you might want to consider engaging. The firms listed below are known for delivering exceptional client service, and often proprietary programs, delivered by experts in their respective industries.

Art Advisors

For fine arts insurance, art advisors are a necessary and desirable pre-requisite to coverage. Better valuation supports better underwriting, and proper collection management helps mitigate loss.

Fine Art Group

Fine Art Group provides valuation services and sophisticated collections management. They are a respected source of independent advice for those buying or selling personal assets such as art, wine, jewelry, furniture, memorabilia, coins, and valuable collectibles.

Winston Art Group

Winston Art Group is an independent art appraisal and advisory firm specializing in confidential and objective appraisal services and advice on the acquisition or sale of all fine and decorative art, jewelry, and collectibles.


Family Enterprise/Office


Hush is a premium privacy service that gives its users unprecedented visibility and control of their digital footprint. Hush shows users everything the internet knows about them, assesses present threats, and goes to work to eliminate digital risks on users’ behalf. Combining advanced AI detection and remediation with expert-led support, Hush offers the most comprehensive digital privacy protection available. The company sells to employers, including private equity firms and leading brands, as a safety tool for the company and as a benefit to employees. Hush is both a privacy and cybersecurity tool for companies’ most important assets: their personnel.

Philip Warner Family Archive Services

Philip Warner Family Archive Services is a family media concierge service dedicated to protecting, preserving, and presenting your family history, memories, and legacy. Our comprehensive services are designed to bring your family history to life. We collate, edit, organize, digitize and preserve your family photographs, videos, documents, and other memorabilia into a dynamic living archive. With our web interface, your entire media collection can be searched and shared, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Family Business Consulting (FBCG)

The Family Business Consulting Group is the leading authority in enabling families to prosper across generations. Whether a family business or family office, we support enterprising families around the world in achieving one goal: building a strong foundation for the family and the enterprise that lasts for generations. We work together with families to identify what matters most to them and then implement the governance practices required to enhance communication, strengthen family relations, address their unique challenges, and ultimately preserve their legacies.


Medical Resources

Clients with global lifestyles and significant resources often value personalized healthcare solutions.


PinnacleCare serves as an independent and objective medical quarterback for individuals and families who need help navigating their healthcare needs. PinnacleCare’s resources span the full spectrum of medical needs to provide solutions to access leading medical specialists and hospitals, concierge-level management and coordination of care, guidance on health insurance transitions, and professional medical advice and guidance. PinnacleCare’s capabilities aim to provide families the benefits of reducing fear and stress, regaining a sense of control and ultimately achieving the outcome of better medical outcomes.


A personal medical resource for global families and executives, WorldClinic provides continuous connected care via doctors on-call 24/7 globally and the latest in longevity science. Built on 30 years of experience in emergency medicine and 20 years of practicing telemedicine, WorldClinic offers comprehensive, customizable care for predictable and unpredictable medical risks and helps ensure its patients stay healthy all around the world.



Physical Asset Management


Pinventory® Home & Business inventory software and services take the burden out of creating inventories for individuals, families, and small businesses. Whether it’s safeguarding against unexpected events through insurance claims, maintaining meticulous records during relocations and storage transitions, facilitating estate planning and asset allocation, or streamlining asset sales, Pinventory excels in aggregating, classifying, securely archiving, and reporting on important information. From tangible possessions to digital assets and critical documents, Pinventory serves as a robust risk mitigation tool, delivering the assurance of peace of mind, anytime, from anywhere. Pinventory is available through a user-friendly, web-based platform coupled with a complementary mobile app or, alternatively, through a discreet and confidential on-site concierge service.


Fortress offers climate controlled storage vaults in a variety of sizes. We will store one painting or an entire collection. Fortress also offers moving, packing and transportation services, domestic and international shipping, expert crating, art installation, interior design destination services and inventory management. Fortress has locations in Boston and Miami.


Security Services

Personal and cybersecurity solutions help protect clients and their families at home and abroad.

Global Guardian

Global Guardian is a provider of comprehensive travel and security solutions seamlessly delivered to clients traveling and doing business around the world. Services include global tracking and monitoring, emergency response, security services, intelligence and due diligence, medical support and evacuation, emergency and custom aviation, cybersecurity, and real-time video surveillance.

Jensen Hughes

Jensen Hughes is a global safety, security, and resilience professional services team whose over 1,400 specialists are passionate about helping our clients to protect their people, interests, reputation, and performance. In 2019, Jensen Hughes, acquired Hillard Heintze, a leading security risk management, threat violence risk management, investigations, and law enforcement consulting firm with deep subject matter expertise and past performance that touches on the ecosystem of risks, threat, and vulnerabilities that impact clients. The Security Risk Management Team works with corporations across all industries (large-small; public-private) as well as ultra-high net worth individuals, families, single and multi-family office, principals and executives alike helping them to mitigate their security concerns to the furthest extent possible.  

K2 Integrity

K2 is a premier global risk advisory firm dedicated to helping clients mitigate risk, resolve disputes, and provide customized end-to-end solutions. K2 Integrity’s Private Client Services team — including former prosecutors, law enforcement agents, cyber experts, research analysts, and forensic accountants — helps clients discreetly achieve and maintain a balance between daily convenience and long-term stability by managing critical threats related to cyber and physical security, privacy, and reputation management, both reactively and proactively. 

Ask your MMA PCS advisor to connect you with these firms.


Marsh McLennan has no financial interest in the firms mentioned above, nor are we involved in their services or offerings.

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