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Federally Qualified Health Centers

Your organization requires customized solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). Through liability, auto, and professional solutions, Marsh McLennan Agency specialized FQHC program improves your coverage while reducing your overall insurance costs.

Benefits of our Federally Qualified Health Center program

Our non-profit specialists understand the unique needs of your Federally Qualified Health Center. Our FQHC program provides tailored coverage for a wide range of risks, so your organization can focus on doing what it does best – caring for your community.


Providing accessible health care is no small task. Let us focus on managing your risk through a wide range of coverages and benefits, including:

  • Stability in pricing and coverage over time
  • Liability, auto, and professional solutions specific to FQHCs
  • Insurance placed with A-rated carriers
  • Educational conferences, webinars, and presentations

Experts in your industry

Marsh McLennan Agency is recognized as a preferred insurance program provider for non-profit and social service organizations like yours. Our tailored program for Federally Qualified Health Centers offers coverage for an array of potential liabilities, including:

Professional liability

Protect your FQHC against errors, mishaps, and wrongdoing with solutions that address medical malpractice, physician’s coverage, and sexual/physical abuse or molestation.

Directors and Officers (D&O) liability

Guard the assets of your organization, executives, and medical staff in the event of personal losses, like lawsuits.

Excess liability

As an FQHC, it’s critical to consider your organization’s financial picture. In instances where your current coverage is not enough, count on excess liability coverage to protect your organization from devastating financial losses.

Meet Heather, a Not-for-profit specialist.

Heather Rohrbach

Client Service Manager
Sarasota, Florida (Bouchard)

Client Spotlight

Tampa Family Health Centers, Inc.

“Marsh McLennan Agency is very well versed in our industry when it comes to designing and implementing insurance and risk management programs. The best part is that they are able to take this knowledge and turn it into real cost savings.  With these savings, we are able to put more money back into services to help our clients.” 

- Wendy Hoeflich, CFO

Frequently Asked Questions

While much of your Federally Qualified Health Center liability falls under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), you should be aware of the gaps that make you vulnerable.

FQHC Insurance includes a wide variety of packages tailored to the specific needs of your community health center, from professional or D&O liability and auto insurance to cybersecurity and excess liability. That way, you can care for your health center patients even when your claim is denied under the FTCA.

We also offer educational webinars to keep your health center’s staff updated on the latest trends within primary care, mental health, health services, or even telehealth.

Health centers face an array of challenges that come with their role in the public health landscape. You’re already treating fewer patients preventively than other health care providers because of the fee-for-service payment system, leading to higher costs.

Many health centers rely on grant funding to cover those expenses and alleviate health disparities. But the bureaucratic workload takes away valuable time you could spend treating a patient. Even if that’s all sorted out, you must navigate staffing issues and track your patient recovery volumes.

Malpractice coverage is just one of the challenges on your radar. However, because medical malpractice claims against your health center will fall under federal law, you constantly have to monitor it. Through your application for coverage to the Department of Health and Human Services, you can guard against the most basic claims a patient might raise.

Your risk management practices and current claims made against your health center will constantly be reviewed for compliance with the FTCA. We can help you define tailored packages that protect you when the Public Health Service Act falls short.

Before you decide which insurance packages are right for your health center, you should see each plan as a tool to keep your doors open so that you can take care of patients.

Think of any legislative barriers, accidents and potential liability issues that could become a risk to your health center. Keep in mind that being federally funded will increase your liability exposure, often in cases not covered by the FTCA.

For most social service organizations like health centers, a combination of liability coverages is advisable.

Every operator needs to consider their clinic’s needs, influencing legislature, and funding. Our consultants will gather the data necessary to decide on providers and FQHC services suiting your unique situation.

Ultimately, the cost will be influenced by your clinic’s patient volume, funding, the average complexity of your treatments, and the value of your equipment.

However, it’s not all out of your control. You can limit and prevent some risks through your health center’s management. Our specialized consultants will gladly aid you in determining room for improvement through risk assessment.

A comprehensive FQHC insurance package can mean the difference between providing health care services and shutting the doors due to liability claims. Expenses from lawsuits can be costly, so your goal should be to minimize risks and financial losses.

Through quality control and risk management, supplemented with regular support from our consultants based on recent health care trends, you can minimize the chances of FTCA claims even being raised. And with fewer claims, you may end up paying lower premiums.

A rural health clinic has different needs than health centers in major cities. We want to make sure we tailor a package to your needs that works for your bottom line so that you can take care of your patients.