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HR Technology Consulting

Marsh McLennan Agency's HR Technology Consulting team works hand-in-hand with you to maximize your organization’s investment in HR technology integration.

The ability to accurately organize data and communicate across systems is essential to managing the many moving parts of HR responsibilities. When you have the right HR technology in place, you can grow employee engagement, realize administrative efficiencies, and enhance business productivity. Marsh McLennan Agency can help you identify, implement, and maintain the right technology solution for your organization.

Benefits of HR Technology Consulting

Insights from our HR Technology Consulting team will assist employers at all stages of adoption readiness to make informed decisions about the human capital management technology marketplace.

  • Vendor evaluation, selection
    and negotiation
  • Access to technology consultants that understand your unique needs
  • Strategic insight into payroll, benefits administration, and time/attendance technology solutions
  • Quarterly market updates


HR Technology Consulting Features

Ready for a better technology mix? Our six-point consulting process sets you up to identify, implement, and maintain human resources information system (HRIS) solutions geared to fit your business needs.


Conduct a detailed assessment of your unique business needs and current HR technology systems.


Prepare your request for proposal (RFP) to begin the vendor search and evaluation process.


Analyze vendor proposals, schedule demos, and agreements.


Negotiate preferred pricing and contract terms based on buying power, and find potential subsidies to offset costs.


Monitor vendor performance and customer service, and maximize client adoption.


Provide ongoing technology support and drive system optimization.

Meet Ashley, an HR technology solutions specialist.

Ashley Menendez

Director, Technology & Employee Engagement
Doral, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

In this ever-evolving business world, the right HR technology can help your employees improve talent acquisition, performance management, and employee development. Our industry-specialized consultants can assist your organization in leveraging technological solutions to optimize your HR processes.

We’ll assess your specific requirements, budget, and the processes you’ve already implemented.

Once we’ve helped you implement the HR technology to support your needs and migrate your data, they’ll assist you with communication plans and training to improve employee engagement. Thanks to more extensive HR analytics, they’ll help you make data-driven decisions to improve performance.

We’ve developed our six-point consulting process to help you meet your objectives.

During our discovery phase, an HR technology consultant will assess your unique business needs and existing human resources systems. They’ll interview your HR professionals to address current pain points.

In the search phase, they'll define the specific features you need in a technology solution. As an expert with industry experience, your consultant will identify vendors whose offering meets your needs.

Next, they’ll analyze proposals based on criteria you’ve determined, from scalability to cost, implementation, and compliance.

Once you’ve selected your HR technology, they’ll negotiate contract conditions on your behalf, leveraging extensive industry expertise.

After your HR system is up and running, Marsh McLennan Agency will monitor your vendor’s performance and support while tracking adoption within your team. We do this to eliminate any barriers, whether on the vendor’s side or yours.

Finally, our team will keep in touch with you and the vendor throughout the process. We’ll gather feedback and provide guidance on leveraging the most recent updates so you can use your system to its full potential.

As software, employment law, and your team’s needs evolve, it’s advisable to follow the latest trends to keep your enterprise productive.

On the technical side, artificial intelligence and machine learning will influence HR for years to come.

Both will allow your HR team to automate repetitive tasks, like resume screening and employee onboarding. It also allows you to apply predictive analytics to quality management systems, such as tracking employee engagement.

Other solutions may seem less revolutionary but can change the employees’ view of your enterprise as an employer. Employee experience platforms and support for remote work give team members the flexibility to access HR services and communicate with colleagues in whichever format they prefer.

Whether you’re looking to support your organization’s diversity and inclusion policies or to track employee well-being and mental health, most modern HR systems adapt to our evolving needs and offer customizable systems.

In general, your HR department will benefit from consistent workflows. These will help to observe the standards you defined without neglecting deadlines or turnover rates.

It’s crucial that your HR processes closely align with your overall business strategy to deliver the desired results.

An overview of all the relevant data points can make this arrangement easier, from collecting employee turnover rates to integrating your HR technology with other systems, like finance or payroll. 

Make sure your system isn’t carved in stone. If you set up routines and feedback loops for continuous improvement, you’ll put yourself on the right track to address any future challenges in upskilling that your HR professionals may face.

Meet a HR technology consulting specialist.

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