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Wealth Management

It can take a lot of work to reach goals, reduce risk, and protect your finances. Marsh McLennan Agency can help you manage it all.

Each person’s financial goals differ and are based on a variety of values. Our wealth managers work with you to determine your financial goals and build a plan that fits your needs. Our approach to wealth management is driven by financial market insights from experienced and registered investment advisors. You can trust that our team offers unbiased financial advice based on your best interests.

Benefits of Wealth Management

Having a clear picture of your finances is important to growing your wealth. Partner with Marsh McLennan Agency to get insights backed by our resources and data to help you navigate your business and personal finances.


  • One-on-one advisory
  • Personalized investment management
  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Protection planning and placement

Wealth and Asset Management FAQ

Explore Marsh McLennan Agency’s comprehensive wealth and asset management solutions, tailored to meet your financial goals.

While asset management and wealth management go hand-in-hand, the two have slight differences. Asset management focuses on growing an individual’s assets to maximize returns. This could include anything from property and investments to jewelry, art, and collectible items. On the other hand, wealth management looks specifically at the money an individual has and aims to help manage that amount to achieve their long-term financial goals.

Marsh McLennan Agency offers wealth and asset management services with one-on-one guidance. Regardless of the type of assets you hold, we can help determine ways to preserve and increase your wealth. We’ll help you identify potential risks hindering financial growth and build a unique strategy to diversify your investment portfolio for long-term success.

Every person requires a different amount of money to meet personal goals. While receiving financial advice no matter where you are on your financial journey is beneficial, most individuals won’t need personal wealth or asset management services until they have at least a few hundred thousand dollars in assets. Some professionals even believe you need between $2 and $5 million before hiring a wealth or asset manager.

If you plan on working with a wealth or asset management firm, connect with our team of professionals at Marsh McLennan Agency. Our financial services team can help you decide if it’s the right time to introduce these services as part of your financial strategy. Once we determine if they are a fit, we can help you with your next steps.

Wealth and asset managers can serve clients in various ways. In general, they are financial services professionals who provide financial advice, resources, and tools to help people utilize and invest their money wisely. They’ll look at their client's unique financial situation and develop a strategic plan to make the most of their investments. These professionals may also help individuals plan for the future by looking at long-term goals, retirement planning, and investment allocations. Additionally, asset managers will assist with risk management and portfolio management—determining how to keep financial assets safe while seeking the most meaningful returns possible.

The main goal of working with a wealth or asset manager is to receive professional guidance to help ensure you are educated and informed about your financial future. This could include saving for a child’s education, preparing to purchase a home, or building a nest egg for a rainy day. No matter the reason, people should check with their financial advisor before making major financial decisions.

Hiring a wealth management firm is a significant decision. You want to be sure it is in your best interest and will ultimately guide you in a strategic and beneficial direction. Looking for a trustworthy financial service company with an outstanding track record is essential. See if you can speak with a few clients regarding what they like or dislike about working with that company. Next, determine if the firm can provide the breadth and depth of expertise and services necessary to accomplish your financial goals. Research their estate planning, investment strategy, portfolio management, risk management capabilities, and other areas of expertise. Your decision requires careful consideration, so take the time to make the most informed decision possible.

Marsh McLennan Agency has a widely available and knowledgeable team of wealth and asset management specialists who work alongside clients to provide thought-out and deeply impactful financial solutions. We get to know you, your goals, and your unique situation so we can deliver the most thorough advice and recommendations possible.

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