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Uncorked: Wine collecting for enthusiasts

Confidently Covered - Episode 3                                                                                                                                           

Collecting fine wines is a lifelong passion for many people, but there are considerations that might not immediately come to mind when starting out or building a collection. In this episode, MMA PCS President Pete Walther welcomes Brian Ward, Director of Wine and Spirits for Winston Art Group. They talk about how COVID-19 affected the collector wine market, current trends and changes brought about by the new generation of collectors, and helpful tips on starting and maintaining a collection.


Brian's top pieces of advice for both seasoned collectors and new enthusiasts: 

  1. Collect what you love.

  2. Consider where you have traveled and what you have enjoyed while visiting.

  3. Heat is the enemy of collections; consider professional, offsite climate-controlled storage.

  4. Segment your collections for drinking, saving for special moments, and resale investment.

  5. Leverage new technology to better understand and track your collection.

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