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As the situation in Ukraine evolves, businesses should be mindful of potential risks to their people, assets, operations, or supply chains in the region and globally. Marsh, as part of the Marsh McLennan family of companies, has created a page with information, tools, and resources related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Please visit the page for the latest information.

Mental Health Toolkit

Marsh McLennan Agency is pleased to share the Mental Health Toolkit with you.  Support your employees’ mental and emotional well-being with these shareable flyers. By supplying these communication resources to your employees, you are one step closer to supporting their mental and emotional well-being.  

What you’ll receive

This toolkit includes six educational flyers—both in English and Spanish—on common conditions that can affect an employee in and out of the workplace. We’ve also included a guide that directs employees where to go for care depending on their unique situation. Here’s a preview of what’s included in the Mental Health Toolkit: 

1. Growing our resilience—together
How can we acclimate and succeed when we don’t know what’s coming around the corner? Whether you’re currently facing an obstacle or have in the past, you’re not alone. Together, we can help each other bounce back from challenging situations, and support one another in our personal growth journeys.

2. Recognizing and reducing anxiety
Whether you’ve experienced anxiety before or it has newly developed, you can combat it by recognizing and reducing the symptoms. Once you’ve recognized your symptoms, you can take action in managing your anxiety.

3. Managing stress to feel your best
Chronic stress negatively affects your overall health and results in lasting effects. Stress can lead to serious mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more. Taking intentional action when you’re stressed is the best way to help yourself. 

4. Substance use disorder: Powering through to build a stronger you
During difficult and stressful times, you may feel even more inclined to look for outlets to relieve stress or reduce your anxiety. And while unwinding with a cocktail or two with colleagues may sound like a good idea, it's important to understand the difference between a harmless virtual happy hour and an evolving substance use disorder. 

5. Overcoming depression
Depression can affect how you feel, think, and cope with everyday life—yet it can be difficult to recognize. While it is normal to experience negative emotions from time to time, it is crucial to identify if your emotions may be actual signs of depression. 

6. Sleep quality: Invest in your rest
Strategies to manage stress during the day often aren’t as helpful when it’s time for bed, especially since intrusive thoughts can make falling and staying asleep challenging. Without education and professional guidance, sleep disorders can directly affect how we feel, look, and function.

7. Know where to go for care
If you need mental health support, there are a variety of outlets available either virtually or in person. This resource identifies the options available and the associated costs of each.

Looking for more ways to support your employees’ mental health? Explore Marsh McLennan Agency’s Mental Health Playbook for more resources to build your well-being program.


Download the Mental Health Toolkit

The Mental Health Toolkit is for employers to incorporate into their well-being strategy. A team of dedicated health management consultants created these materials as resources that are easy to share with your employees. Each piece is written with compassion for those currently experiencing a mental health challenge and is also an educational resource for those looking to expand their mental health awareness.

Mental health is a key part of an individual’s well-being. Today’s workforce is looking for an employer that cares about their mental well-being. Sharing this toolkit is a way to educate your employees about common mental health conditions while showing you care.

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