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Employee Communication

Effective employee communication is a vital aspect of the employer-employee relationship. As an employer, you spend a great deal of money on your employee benefit programs so it is important to have a strong communication strategy to thoroughly educate your employees on those offerings. Marsh & McLennan Agency’s benefits experts are passionate about helping you develop a strategic communications plan that leverages multiple forms of media and targeted content to capture attention and drive engagement for even the most diverse workforce.

Year-Round Communications
During open enrollment, we will manage the enrollment process with the selected vendors to ensure a seamless and efficient process for your employees. As needed, we will actively manage employee enrollment meetings to present the benefit offerings and answer questions. Following open enrollment, we will deploy our ongoing communication deliverables to keep your employees engaged all year. 

Reaching Your Diverse Population
With today’s workforce spanning five generations, employers face the challenge of how to effectively communicate to meet the broad-reaching communication preferences of their employee population. Our vast suite of multimedia, multi-generational communication resources will help you better educate your employees, enrich your benefits program and equip your Human Resources team with exceptional communication tools. For many employers, reaching employees who are spanning multiple locations or working remote can be challenging. Our dedicated team of communication specialists can facilitate a virtual communication experience to help reach and engage those populations.  To learn more about our virtual solutions click here.

Simplified Mobile Application Connectivity
Our MMA mobile communication app, iNGAGED, provides a customized experience that will empower your workforce to have more real-time access to information, provide decision support tools, and help drive company culture. Sending messaging and directives through iNGAGED increases efficiency for organizations and employees. Less meetings and more digital communication via their smart phones means enhanced productivity and higher engagement while ensuring reliable employer information when employees work remotely.