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MMA Technology Solutions

Technology has become increasingly vital for HR teams over the last decade. Now, with many employees working remotely, technological solutions to support and engage the workforce are retaking center stage. In response, employers of all sizes are reassessing the platforms they have and adopting new technology to help them manage their most valuable resource—their people.

How can employers make sure they are investing in the right technology to meet a myriad of requirements? Finding, implementing, and maintaining the right technology is a titanic investment of time, money, and energy. And once that investment is made, how can they maximize their ROI? MMA has a dedicated team of specialists with hands on experience to help answer these questions and to support clients every step of the way.

Support at Every Step
The MMA Technology Solutions team works hand-in-hand with our clients to maximize their investment in HR technology. Some clients want to ensure they are getting the most from the system they have. Others are ready to start fresh. For those clients who are exploring new options, MMA offers a 6-point consulting process.

Conduct a detailed assessment of your business needs. 

Prepare your Request for Proposal (RFP) to begin the vendor review process.

Analyze proposals received. Schedule demos. Review agreements.

Negotiate pricing based on volume discounts and buying power.
Find subsidies to offset costs.

Monitor vendor performance and client adoption.

Provide ongoing technology support.
Drive system optimization.

MMA’s technology team is prepared to support your technology objectives and ensure you make the best decisions possible. We look forward to providing an assessment for your organization.

MMA Technology Solutions