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Yacht charter vacations and ownership considerations

Confidently Covered - Episode 7                                                                                                                        

There are few vacations on earth that are more private, more attentive, and more extraordinary than aboard a yacht. The majority of yacht owners actually began this lifestyle on a chartered vacation. The freedom and flexibility a yacht offers, from destinations to accommodations, led to nearly double the sales  of new yachts from 2020 to 2021.


In this podcast episode, Pete Walther welcomes Alastair Callender, also known in the yachting world as “The Yacht Tailor.” We’re going to talk about yacht chartering, yacht ownership, and the rewards and risks that come with this ever-popular lifestyle.

Please contact Alastair directly to ask any questions and follow him on his social media channels:

Alastair Callender - The Yacht Tailor


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