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Whether cruising on the water or socializing at a marina, you must balance enjoying your yacht with the risks that come with ownership.  From the design process, through the build, to christening, and the cruising, many factors are involved in protecting a yacht, its owner, its contents, and its passengers.

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Benefits of Yacht Insurance

Our extensive yachting expertise allows us to address risks, handle uncommon situations, and provide dedicated client advocacy.

  • World-class service and resources
  • Expert recommendations and trusted advice
  • A dedicated claims advocate to represent you in the event of a loss
  • Access to a 24-hour global emergency hotline
  • Customized insurance programs to protect your yacht, property, crew, and passengers
  • Ongoing stewardship of your program to make sure your insurance keeps up with the changes in your life

Tailored yacht protection for your individual needs and lifestyle

At Marsh McLennan Agency Private Client Services (MMA PCS) we offer a dedicated Yacht Practice so you experience a personalized approach to risk management. Plus, we have the global resources to design exclusive insurance programs to protect you and your yacht around the world.

Specialized expertise

Protecting your vessel and its contents is only the beginning, because yacht owners also face numerous insurance considerations, including crew, chartering, navigation limits, and warranties and contractual liability.

Customized recommendations

We start by learning about you, your yacht, and your unique circumstances. Then we conduct an in-depth analysis and present a customized insurance  recommendation to address your specific exposures. We make sure you have all the information concerning your program to make an informed decision.

Extraordinary client advocacy

Not only do our dedicated personal risk advisors have an in-depth knowledge of yachts and yacht insurance, we also have long-standing relationships with the people who build, sell, and service them. This means we can offer better risk analysis, creative solutions, personal attention, and fast responses to even the most uncommon requests. We are your advocate, working as a trusted advisor to create the best solution for your yacht and your maritime plans.

Client advocacy in action

Stolen GPS signals deductible debate

Working with an experienced broker can make a big difference in the event of a claim. An electronic GPS navigational system was stolen from aboard a client’s 60’ yacht while it was in a marina. The policy had three different deductibles for hull, theft, and electronics. The carrier initially applied the highest deductible, which was $10,000.


The solution

After reviewing the entire policy contract, our dedicated Yacht Claims Manager challenged the carrier and advocated on the client’s behalf, reducing the client's responsibility to a single deductible of $500.

Your next steps

It’s easy to work with us to ensure your watercraft coverage will respond the way you expect it to in the event of a claim situation. No one has the expertise, knowledge, resources, or reach to handle your needs the way we do.

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Global service, local touch

Global service, local touch.

As part of Marsh, a global leader in insurance solutions and risk management, we provide our clients with extensive worldwide resources. This global scope means responsive, world-class service is available where and when we are needed. Our extensive yachting expertise and familiarity with the international considerations often involved in managing yacht exposures allow us to address risks, handle uncommon situations, and provide dedicated client advocacy.

Our yacht insurance experts are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This team exclusively serves our yacht clients worldwide, including some of the largest mega-yachts in use today.

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