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April 28, 2021

Promote company culture to attract and retain talent

Engage employees through MMA’s GROW career development initiative

Creating a strong company culture is one of the most powerful recruiting and retention tools an organization can have in the upcoming year.

In addition to work/life balance, many employers are bringing a greater focus to the company’s mission. By creating and living by a set of core values, employees will be more engaged and move beyond just doing their jobs; they will feel connected to the mission, purpose and the organization.

At MMA, we believe a business culture that supports a healthy, safe work environment and delivers the right total reward strategy will create more productive employees —resulting in a healthy and engaged organization.

One of the ways MMA supports its company culture is through its career development initiative called GROW.  Growth in Relationships and Opportunities at Work (GROW) is open to all colleagues across Marsh & McLennan Agency.

The key objectives of the GROW initiative include:

  • Supporting the career success of colleagues
  • Enable colleagues from across the organization to build relationships
  • Create a place and time to learn and grow personally and professionally, and to expose colleagues to new ideas and ways of thinking
  • Develop a safe environment to present and discuss professional challenges
  • Drive colleagues to facilitate individual events, yet keep groups and events owned by participants
  • Foster an environment for innovation: brainstorm new ideas and learn from colleagues across the organization

As a part of GROW, MMA provides continuous learning to all colleagues.  MMA’s GROWcareer development opportunities include:

ASPIRE Mentoring

Mentoring is a professional development strategy in which two people work together and facilitate professional development. ASPIRE matches mentor-mentee pairs from across departments. Mentors facilitate the mentee’s learning and help them take responsibility for their own career development, while nurturing the growth and development of the mentee.

INSPIRE Coaching

Colleagues who demonstrate leadership capability and a career objective to move into an expanded role participate in INSPIRE. INSPIRE coaching groups are composed of individuals across departments, generations, and experience levels. Participants engage in monthly group coaching on multiple career development-related and personal growth topics.

ELEVATE Collaborative Group

Tailored specifically for recent college graduates or new-to-the-workforce colleagues, ELEVATE offers opportunities to discuss a variety of topics that are meaningful to these young professionals. ELEVATE participants are also encouraged to get involved in MMA recruiting efforts, and be a voice about the emerging workforce needs for their career development at MMA.


This monthly program is open to all colleagues. A short informational and educational video is shared, followed by a brief discussion with the audience. Each session is led by a MMA volunteer facilitator, giving them a public speaking opportunity. Examples of past topics include the role of technology and social media in our daily lives, the roots of the common fear of public speaking and multi-generational differences in communication styles.

External Events

As GROW has expanded, certain topics have proven to be the most challenging, thought-provoking and timely. MMA is seeking to bring these topics worthy of critical examination and discussion to a wider audience outside of our colleagues. By engaging local thought leaders and professional speakers, GROW external events are a way to reach out to our clients and professionals in our local communities who are looking to bring learning and innovation back to their own workplaces.

MMA aims to develop the full potential of its people. In turn, MMA is able to attract top talent, retain its employees and maintain high employee engagement which results in unprecedented value to our clients and unparalleled growth.

For more information about GROW or other ways Marsh & McLennan Agency can help you promote employee engagement and a positive corporate culture, contact your local MMA representative.