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May 9, 2017

Securing art and valuable collections from hurricane damage

Art evacuation services are available through specialized companies and insurers who work directly with you to prepare an art evacuation plan.

As a hurricane  approaches, your safety and the safety of your family is our top priority. Protecting your property and valuables from storm damage is just one of the tasks at hand. You may have indoor or outdoor art pieces that you want to make sure are protected during the storm. And even after the storm has passed, humidity levels can have harmful effects on fine art, furniture, and wine collections.

Art evacuation services are available through specialized companies and insurers who work directly with you and art handlers and shippers to prepare an art evacuation plan. In the event of an emergency, the following companies will help new and existing clients secure their art, furniture, jewelry, wine collections, and more from storm damage.

You may also contact your insurer directly for assistance:

Before the storm

To better protect your valuables, follow these tips before a hurricane:

  • Document: Photograph all your collectables and document their current condition prior to the storm so any potential damage can be assessed.
  • Secure indoor art: All wall hanging devices should be properly secured. Artwork hung on plaster walls needs extra stability as wet plaster could allow art pieces to fall.
  • Secure outdoor art: Bring outdoor sculptures indoors. If they cannot be moved easily, wrap them in burlap or blankets tied with rope to protect them from wind damage.
  • Use interior rooms: Art taken off walls should be stored at least three inches off the ground, wrapped in plastic (if the surface is not tacky), and separated with cardboard larger than the size of the frames.
  • Up-to-date appraisal: Make sure your collection is appropriately valued according to current market conditions.
  • Update insurance coverage: Valuable articles are afforded only limited financial protection under your homeowners policy. Protect these items with valuable articles insurance.

After a storm

  • Document: Photograph and make a list of all damaged items.
  • Restoration: Address any damage promptly before the condition worsens. Place the piece(s) in a lighted, air-conditioned area to help prevent mold and mildew.
  • Replacement: Services are available to search the market to find a comparable replacement in the event of a loss.
  • Art evacuation plan: Prepare an evacuation plan so your collection is secured for the next storm. 

In the event of a loss, a member of our dedicated team of Marsh McLennan Agency PCS claims advocates will be available to file a claim with your insurer on your behalf. Your claims advocate will also provide support and guidance throughout the entire claims settlement process.

Find more helpful information in our Severe Weather Center.

For more information, please request a personal risk review.