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April 4, 2019

The Grayken Center for Addiction employer resources library

End stigma. Suspend judgement. Lend a hand.


End Stigma. Suspend Judgement. Lend a Hand.
The opioid epidemic has hit every community in the nation. Increasingly, businesses are feeling the impact as valued workers and their families struggle with addiction.

Addiction affects men and women alike in every age group, race, ethnicity, and geography.

With 72,000 overdose deaths each year, the human toll is high. The financial impacts are also steep at an estimated annual national cost of $504 billion.

For most employers, this is a new and complicated issue. It often feels like there are more questions than answers. What should my company’s benefits cover? What should our workplace policies be? How do I talk to employees who are affected? How do I decide what actions to take?

What Employers Can Do
The good news is that there are simple, practical steps any employer can take. One of the nation’s leaders in clinical care and research into substance use disorder, the Grayken Center for Addiction at Boston Medical Center, has designed a free on line Employer Resource Library with the tools to support any organization in understanding and addressing substance use disorders.

The Employer Resource Library is organized in five sections, including tips on engaging your entire organization, ways to educate managers, and sample policies and practices. There are 25 downloadable tools to support making your strategy actionable. Workplaces have varying needs and capacity, and not all strategies may be right for your organization. However, the resource library will help any organization begin to think about what they can do to make an impact and support their employees.


Find the Employer Resource Library online at:

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