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February 13, 2024

Introducing: Marsh McLennan Agency’s Self-funding, Simplified™

Your path to self-funding success made simple

Fully insured employers are no strangers to challenges like cost control and limited flexibility when it comes to benefits. The shift to self-funded health plans can be a viable solution. Whether you are new to this type of arrangement or looking to improve your current strategy, the process doesn’t have to be daunting. That’s why having a partner positioned to deploy strategies that better support your employees’ needs while generating creative savings for your health plans is valuable.

Experience the power of Self-funding, Simplified™ with Marsh McLennan Agency. This proprietary solution helps unlock innovative strategies, achieve savings, and empower your business to take control of costs.

A comprehensive and simplified approach

Take care of your people while protecting your bottom line. Our risk management capabilities and solutions for reducing medical and pharmacy claims help streamline and optimize your approach to benefits.

Self-funding, Simplified™ features:

  • Innovative and robust strategies: We offer down-market access to innovative self-funding strategies typically reserved for larger employers. By tapping into our proprietary resources, such as NetworkSelect, RxSolutions, and PATH, employers of all sizes get more benefits at lower costs.

  • Tailored solutions: Pre-planned strategies can be customized to meet your unique needs. This tailored approach ensures the design of benefits packages that align with your workforce’s needs and company culture while achieving maximum value.

  • Preferred contracts: We provide a simplified implementation process. Our contracts include rates and terms, access to actuarial, cost-containment, and point solutions, including mental health and fertility vendors to save on costs.

  • Consolidated billing: Eliminate the pain of managing multiple invoices and easily track and control your health care costs. Our comprehensive approach includes consolidated billing and streamlining the administrative process for your team.

  • Risk management capabilities: Optimize your self-funded plan with better cost control and long-term savings. Our proficientcy in multi-employer captives offers effective risk management capabilities down market.

Unlock your full potential by combining these solutions in a complete package. Whether in the early stages of evaluating self-funding or currently administering a self-funded plan, our specialized team helps you create a unique strategy to achieve your goals.

Play this video to learn more about Self-funding, Simplified™.

Contact a member of our Employee Health & Benefits team to get started.