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March 29, 2023

Optimize your employee data to identify patterns and trends in your organization

What is your organization’s data trying to tell you? Employee data comes from sources that range from carriers and vendor reports to internal databases. While individual reports can show vital information on certain areas of workplace health, it can be challenging for these reports to show the impact of your employees' health across all areas of your business. 

Marsh McLennan Agency (MMA)’s Workers’ Health 360® seamlessly integrates data from multiple sources to give a holistic, easy-to-digest view into your organization and employee population. Not only can this data be used to identify patterns and trends, but it can also help implement strategies that significantly impact your organization’s employees and your bottom line.

Data sources that can be leveraged to identify patterns and trends include:

  • Workers’ compensation
    Are your injured workers more prone to workplace injuries? Discover whether your employees’ chronic conditions lead to a higher risk for injury or how your health plan design may impact Workers’ Compensation trends.

  • Medical and pharmacy data
    High claims, chronic condition prevalence, and trends in utilization and spending can drive action through strategies, promoting healthier outcomes, and cost containment. These strategies are measured not only on your health plan claims but across all lines of your business for a true return on investment.

  • Short and long-term disability leave
    Recognize and measure the impact of those managing multiple or complex conditions and promote a smooth transition as employees return-to-work.

Planning and Analytics for Total Health (PATH) data analysts and clinicians collaborate with the Employee Health & Benefits and Business Insurance account teams to craft storyboards that tailor solutions for your organization to promote optimal health and cost savings. 

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