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Planning & Analytics for Total Health

PATH integrates real-time data insights with clinical expertise for sound decision-making in the health care industry.

How do the benefits you offer improve your plan’s performance, and where is the greatest opportunity to positively impact the health of your employees? Marsh McLennan Agency’s Planning & Analytics for Total Health (PATH) transforms your data into prescriptive strategies so you can offer competitive, cost-effective benefits while empowering healthier employees.

Benefits of PATH

PATH makes your data more valuable.

  • Identifies cost drivers and areas of concern
  • Highlights opportunities to implement cost management strategies
  • Offers consistent measurement and reporting regardless of carrier changes
  • Tracks and monitors vendor performance to ensure program effectiveness


PATH Features

Marsh McLennan Agency’s PATH combination of human clinical expertise with advanced data manipulation revolutionizes how you can effectively manage your benefits program.

Access to Expertise

Our clients have access to a team of professionals who can interpret data insights, assist in identifying solutions, and collaborate to implement strategies.

Data Warehouse

Gain access to flexible, real-time queries that explore and provide custom storyboard visualization.

Actionable Overspending App

Zero in on the financial holes of your benefits program to help identify dollars left on the table.

Workers' Health 360

Workers’ Health 360 (WH360) completes the circle of organizational health, worker well-being, and risk management with data integration

Meet Dr. Masten, our chief medical officer.

Dr. Monte Masten

Chief Medical Officer
Atlanta, GA

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