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Planning & Analytics for Total Health

PATH integrates real-time data insights with clinical expertise for sound decision-making in the health care industry.

How do the benefits you offer improve your plan’s performance, and where is the greatest opportunity to positively impact the health of your employees? Marsh McLennan Agency’s Planning & Analytics for Total Health (PATH) transforms your data into prescriptive strategies so you can offer competitive, cost-effective benefits while empowering healthier employees.

Benefits of PATH

PATH makes your data more valuable.

  • Identifies cost drivers and areas of concern
  • Highlights opportunities to implement cost management strategies
  • Offers consistent measurement and reporting regardless of carrier changes
  • Tracks and monitors vendor performance to ensure program effectiveness


PATH Features

Marsh McLennan Agency’s PATH combination of human clinical expertise with advanced data manipulation revolutionizes how you can effectively manage your benefits program.

Access to Expertise

Our clients have access to a team of professionals who can interpret data insights, assist in identifying solutions, and collaborate to implement strategies.

Data Warehouse

Gain access to flexible, real-time reports and provide custom storyboard visualizations.

Actionable Overspending App

Zero in on the financial holes of your benefits program to help identify dollars left on the table.

Workers' Health 360

Workers’ Health 360 (WH360) completes the circle of organizational health, worker well-being, and risk management with data integration

Meet Dr. Masten, our chief medical officer.

Dr. Monte Masten

Chief Medical Officer
Atlanta, GA

Frequently Asked Questions

Employee benefits analytics refers to the data analysis measures contributing to more efficient benefits programs at reduced costs.

To achieve this, we collect data on your employee demographics, compensation and benefits enrollment, historical claims data, and feedback from employee surveys. Since data alone won’t help to make informed decisions, we integrate it into a centralized system that delivers a holistic view of your workforce.

Once we’ve analyzed your actual usage, we can help you identify improvement opportunities, whether eliminating underutilized offerings, increasing engagement, or identifying employee groups with unique needs.

In short, employee benefits analytics help you make informed decisions to help you and your employees get the most out of your investment.

From a medical standpoint, health data analytics can help assess current gaps in care and health risks affecting your workforce. This allows employers to design targeted wellness programs and preventive care offerings.

The insights you’ll gain can also guide you in evaluating employees’ lifestyle choices and health habits, helping you design future incentives or educational offerings.

While your employees’ well-being is always at the core of those efforts, identifying potential health issues facilitates early intervention efforts. This can prevent more serious conditions and higher expenses for employers and employees.

Whether you’re designing more effective employee wellness programs or negotiating better terms with providers, a solid data set can help improve employees' health while cutting expenses. Analyzing large amounts of data can be challenging, whether due to size, the privacy of your employees, or overall compliance issues. Marsh McLennan Agency’s specialized consultants will gladly assist you in evaluating your data so you don’t run into common traps.

While assessing your employee benefits program can already improve your bottom line in the short term, the real ROI lies in long-term learning and strategies.

Solely relying on data outside your enterprise may cause you to miss deviations that affect your location or individual employees.

Once you leverage your data, you can align your benefits with your strategic business goals by defining plan adjustments and employee engagement. That can improve your retention rates, thus saving you costs even outside of benefits while creating a more pleasant office atmosphere.

Our data analytics help you identify and address disparities within employee benefits and engagement.

You gain insights into your employees’ participation in each program by conducting a benefits gap analysis. By cross-referencing demographic data, employee surveys, and claims history, your Marsh McLennan Agency consultant can recognize which groups may currently be disadvantaged due to gaps in care.

Thanks to ongoing monitoring of initiatives, your HR department can share anonymized data relating to benefits access and usage. That opens the door to addressing concerns in a supportive environment where your employees feel comfortable and cared for.

Collecting data points over time and anonymously matching them with other data sets helps your HR employees and consultants predict potential health risks. This can help improve your preventive care offerings.

These measures can enhance employee engagement and well-being, potentially reducing training and personnel acquisition costs.

Predictive analytics don’t just focus on health care utilization and benefits optimization. Through comprehensive HR analytics, you can identify potential fraud in health care and absence and leave patterns, making your entire operation more efficient.

Meet a planning and analytics for total health specialist.

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