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As the situation in Ukraine evolves, businesses should be mindful of potential risks to their people, assets, operations, or supply chains in the region and globally. Marsh, as part of the Marsh McLennan family of companies, has created a page with information, tools, and resources related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Please visit the page for the latest information.

Workers’ Health 360®

Put your data to work for both you and your workforce.

Your organization is full of worker data and critical information just waiting to be uncovered. Reveal your company’s full potential with Workers’ Health 360®, a digital platform that completes the circle of organizational health, worker well-being, and risk management with data integration.

A comprehensive approach to data with Workers’ Health 360

Do you know what your employee data is trying to tell you? Between the overwhelming amount of unique information at your disposal and the challenge of interpreting complex numbers and figures, it can be hard to make sense of your organization’s data.

Workers’ Health 360 gives your organization a holistic, easy-to-digest view of your employee population by integrating data from multiple sources, such as:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Pharmacy utilization
  • Medical plan data
  • Short- and long-term disability

Workers' Health 360 revolutionizes the way self-funded employers can approach employee health and productivity.

Meaningful insights for measurable results

Workers’ Health 360 provides an easy, high-level glimpse into the health of your organization and employees. With guidance from Marsh McLennan Agency’s data analysts and clinicians, this data can be used in a wide variety of situations, including:

Reducing risk exposures impacting employees

Identify current and hidden risks facing your employees each day. Our proactive risk management strategies can help your organization foster a safer, happier workplace.

Elevating employee productivity

Discover areas for improvement across your organization. With the power of data, you can remove obstacles and barriers to success, so your employees can work to their full potential.

Positively impacting employee health and well-being

Use your organization’s data for good. Opportunities for new wellness programs and improved benefits boost the well-being of your employees and their families, potentially increasing recruitment and retention.

Planning & Analytics for Total Health (PATH)

PATH integrates real-time data insights from Workers' Health 360 with clinical expertise for sound decision-making in the health care industry.

Meet Kate, a clinical consultant and registered nurse.

Kate Valette, BSN, RN

Clinical Consultant
Roanoke, VA

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