Real Estate

Custom-tailored risk management programs for developers, real estate
owners and corporations.

Staying competitive in the dynamic world of real estate and hospitality requires a risk management advisor with a true understanding of your industry. With continuous industry changes and increased competition, there are new risks that need to be identified, quantified, managed, and retained or transferred. Marsh & McLennan Agency’s Real Estate & Hospitality Practice delivers on the risk management needs for the industry, while offering both an insider’s appreciation of the difficulties facing your real estate business and hospitality industry, and a powerful network of resources designed to serve your organization’s specific needs.

MMA works with a diverse portfolio of real estate and hospitality owners, developers, operating companies, investment firms, property managers, and related industry clients. The Real Estate & Hospitality Practice Team is made up of over 150 insurance and risk management professionals. These individuals have extensive knowledge of real estate and hospitality operations and exposures and the appropriate insurance and risk management solutions to best address your needs. Our team currently holds over 200 years of experience in service and industry expertise. MMA currently represents almost $700 million in premium in the market place and works with over 5,000 clients nationwide. Our presence is both local and throughout the United States.