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Build awareness and engage employees


Resources to leverage

Resources to leverage

Through communication, resources, and a supportive, caring culture, employers can build awareness around financial well-being.  Consider a top-down approach in the communication plan that lets your employees know why the company has decided to prioritize financial well-being. As with any program, its success will depend on how it is communicated, supported, and ultimately, used by employees. Strive to develop a regular schedule or cadence of communications to promote the program and the benefits it offers to employees.

Resources to leverage

  • Recordkeeper relationship manager and communications consultant if applicable
  • Retirement plan investment consultant
  • Insurance provider and other vendors
  • Paid benefits communication consultant
  • Segal Benz
  • Limeade

Best practices for effective communication

Quick tips

  • Short, relevant and frequent messaging
  • Target specific groups based on goals
  • Encourage small steps, not giant leaps
  • Use multiple types of communication delivery systems

Create excitement

  • Focus on the employee and how the program will assist them with their financial goals
  • Consider incentives for engagement
  • Recruit well-being champions to hype the program and build interest

Financial well-being employee resource group (ERG)

  • Along with other company sponsored ERGs, this group can provide a safe community for individuals to share their experiences and lend support to each other

Multiple modes of engagement

  • Videos
  • Onsite and/or virtual employee education programs
  • Written education through text, email, flyers
  • Use simple, straightforward language
  • Keep messages brief and consistent across all delivery channels

Communication plan

  • Develop a regular communication schedule to promote the program and opportunities it offers

Financial well-being playbook steps