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Billing Reconciliation Service

Streamline your billing reconciliation practices with an innovative, secure, and scalable digital workspace.

Traditional billing practices are outdated and can leave your organization vulnerable to a number of risks. Let Marsh McLennan Agency walk you through the transition from traditional to digital premium billing practices with BR Focus, a digital workspace for self-billing, billing reconciliation, and consolidation that works with any benefits administration and payroll system.

Reasons to upgrade your billing and consolidation process

BR Focus, a proprietary solution from Marsh McLennan Agency (MMA), assists your HR team in completing the time-consuming benefits-related tasks associated with administering health plans.

By upgrading your billing process, your organization can avoid elevated operational costs and premium leakage, replacing your woes with:


  • An easy-to-use system that helps save you time and effort
  • Imported organization data, including enrollments, payroll, and invoices—all in one place
  • Automated validation of correct payments to each benefit provider
  • Unified bill consolidation for all health care, insurance, and voluntary benefit premiums
  • Reports on enrollment or census data, exception data, and more
  • Actionable data to help drive better business decisions

Our clients save 5–20 hours per week on average with BR Focus.

BR Focus provides a seamless, convenient, and secure digital workspace for all premium billing needs, leading to time- and cost-saving benefits, including:

Billing Reconciliation and Enrollment Audits

Through digital billing and automatic billing reconciliation, BR Focus has found and resolved numerous premium, rate, and eligibility errors that have led to savings for our clients.

Easy Vendor Reporting

Generate reports on enrollment or census data, exception data, and self-billing requiring action or adjustments.

Actionable Insights

Use that time saved for good and let operational data and artificial intelligence algorithms help drive better business decisions.

Meet Shette, a premium billing reconciliation specialist.

Shette Cordell

Director, BR Focus
Dallas, TX

Client Spotlight

Koetter Fire Protection

“They are always so helpful...I can honestly say that without the help and patience we’ve received from BR Focus, I’m sure I would’ve quit the benefits position and gone back to my old job.”

Sabra Ballard, Benefits and Compliance
BR Focus client since 2018 

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