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Compliance Support and Oversight

Navigate health and welfare plan compliance regulations—and improve your peace of mind.

Health and welfare plan compliance is complex and can be challenging to navigate on your own. The legal landscape continues to change and as employer responsibilities grow, interpretation becomes more complex. Marsh McLennan Agency’s in-house compliance team works to protect you with proactive assessments of your compliance strategy, identifying areas of concern before an audit or question arises.

Benefits of Compliance Support and Oversight

We provide the insights you need to manage legislative information and compliance requirements.


  • Full ACA compliance solutions
  • Detailed compliance calendar
  • WRAP document (Mega Wrap)
  • HIPAA compliance program
  • SPD and plan document review
  • General compliance notices
  • 5500 filing service
  • Reinsurance and PCORI fee filing 
  • ERISA compliance
  • Section 125



Compliance Support and Oversight Features

Maintaining compliance can feel overwhelming at times. Our compliance team uses a comprehensive approach to support our clients so you can operate your business with confidence with more resilience to change, leaving more time for strategy and growth.


We write client-focused content that provides concise explanations, insightful observations and updates, and next steps to follow.


Our educational sessions offer two-way dialogues with a deep dive into EH&B compliance topics and the opportunity to ask questions.


You’ll receive timely and practical answers to your compliance issues.

Meet Suzy, a compliance officer.

Suzy Cline

Compliance Officer, Employee Health & Benefits
Rockville, MD

Benefits Compliance FAQs

Benefits compliance is the list of laws and regulations businesses must abide by regarding their welfare, health plans, and wellness programs. Benefits oversight helps employers navigate these rules and obey requirements to avoid being fined. 

The business world is constantly changing. It can be difficult to keep up with and adapt to shifts in the rules that govern companies across the globe. Having a partner who can help you understand the regulations you should follow and keep you informed on any fluctuations is important.

Employee benefits compliance oversight from Marsh McLennan Agency can assist business leaders and HR professionals to understand and adhere to the legal requirements for their employee benefits plan. Our team offers compliance support and oversight features to empower businesses to protect themselves from fines and penalties, including communication, education, and support. With Marsh McLennan Agency by your side, you can have peace of mind that your employee benefits meet compliance standards.

When employers fail to comply with employee benefits regulations, they can face fees from regulatory agencies like the Department of Labor or the Internal Revenue Service. Fines can range from $100 to $50,000 per violation. This includes a maximum fine of $1.5 million per violation category, depending on the number of non-compliance incidents and the seriousness of the situation. These fees can be significant and cost your business reputational damage and a loss of productivity due to missing the mark on regulatory compliance. 

Non-compliant businesses are also more likely to suffer security breaches and cybersecurity risks due to rules not being followed closely. Employee benefits compliance expectations are put in place to protect your business and your employees. Failing to comply can mean increased vulnerability to the risks surrounding your industry.

Compliance can be difficult to manage because of the constantly changing regulations, laws, and requirements set by the governmental agencies controlling rules for health plans and wellness programs. A health benefits oversight partner can inform you of new or changed regulations. They can also advise you on creating a compliant benefits package to meet the health care needs of your organization while remaining within the confines of the required rules and regulations.

Benefits compliance doesn’t need to be a cause for concern. Choose a partner, like Marsh McLennan Agency, that can work with you to meet these regulations and help make them feel less scary or stressful. Our services help you understand your benefits packages and key compliance topics, what compliance is required, and what needs to be done when requirements aren’t met. This relationship is based on education and trust. You should be confident that you’re being led in the right direction. You should also be aware of what’s going on and participate in decision-making. This will help you continue meeting the needs of your staff from an educated point of view.  

Ultimately, working with a company that will have your back and best interest can bring you peace of mind. Our team communicates clearly and offers insightful observations about your benefit plan so you know what is being asked of you. We also support you and your business by answering questions and providing timely feedback.

Marsh McLennan Agency offers ongoing compliance program support and coverage so organizations know what group health plan is the most beneficial for their employees' unique needs.

Meet a compliance support and oversight specialist.

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