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Employee Communications

Engage your employees with effective communication all year long.

As an employer, you spend a lot of money on your employee benefits program. It's important to have a strong communication strategy that not only illustrates a sense of value to employees about their benefits package, but also affords them the ability to make more informed benefit decisions. Marsh McLennan Agency will work with you to develop a strategic communications plan that leverages multiple forms of media and targeted content to capture attention and drive engagement for even the most diverse workforce.

Benefits of Employee Communications

A comprehensive employee benefits communications plan will increase efficiency, influence culture, and impact cost. Your strategy can include:


  • Calendar of communications
  • Professional and comprehensive new hire package
  • HR and benefits administration platforms
  • In-person and virtual benefits and well-being fairs
  • Webinars
  • Virtual HR benefits counselors
  • Print and digital benefits guide
  • Mobile apps



“To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.”

-Doug Conant, U.S. Business Leader

Refresh your enrollment and reclaim your time.

HR leaders are turning to EnrollSMART to overcome recent obstacles and provide employees with a personalized, elevated experience during open enrollment. Say goodbye to group meetings.  It’s time for a change.

Employee Communications Features

A comprehensive employee communications plan can increase efficiencies and the productivity of both your HR team and your employee population overall. Work with Marsh McLennan Agency to create a communication strategy that can directly impact your plan’s performance and costs.

Year-round Communications

Following open enrollment, we will deploy our ongoing communication deliverables focused on year-round employee engagement.

Reaching Your Diverse Population

Meet the broad-reaching communication preferences of your employee population with our suite of multimedia, multi-generational communication resources. These will help you better educate your employees, enrich your benefits program, and equip your human resources team with effective communication tools.

Simplified Mobile Application Connectivity

Our mobile communication app, iNGAGED, provides a customized experience to empower your workforce to have more real-time access to information, provide decision support tools, and help drive company culture.

Meet Marianela, a benefits communications specialist.

Marianela Brodene

Benefits Communication Specialist
Clearwater, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

Your workplace environment has most likely shifted over the years, meaning continuining to deliver holistic workforce benefits while adapting to new business practices and employee expectations in response to the shift has become more important. As remote and hybrid setups continue to be a prevalent workplace style, employees’ access to the benefits available to help them lead healthier lives has become more of an expectation. Without proper internal communication from employers, employees may not know what their benefits program offers. 

By providing this information through effective communication methods, employers can ensure their team has what they need to succeed and increase workplace productivity. With proper communication, employees can also better understand their benefits, which helps them see the value in their offered benefits package. When employees know what health benefits are available, it can increase their engagement levels at work and help improve retention rates for the company. 

The essential elements of successful communication in the workplace are verbal and non-verbal signals, clarity, personalization, and respect—all of which should be used to communicate employee benefits effectively. Employers should build a communication plan around easy interaction with employees using methods they’re already familiar with. Marsh McLennan Agency makes it easy to accomplish this by offering employers iNGAGED, a mobile communication app available on iOS, Android, and desktop. 

With iNGAGED, employees can easily access the latest benefits information and manage enrollment, payroll, telehealth, learning and development, and more. Employers can also send regular updates through an avenue their employees already check often, such as their phone. Having a platform or dashboard that offers employees everything they need eliminates hours of searching on the company website or asking their employer or HR staff for assistance.  

With iNGAGED, businesses can:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Boost productivity
  • Improve organization
  • Empower their workforce

Effective workplace and benefits communication drives employee understanding, builds trust, and increases action and engagement, positively impacting tenure, productivity and interaction. With the help of Marsh McLennan Agency’s virtual and mobile benefits solutions, employees can better understand which sought-after benefits are available within their package and allow them to prioritize their health. 

A positive benefits communication plan should target these initiatives:

  • Ensure everyone has equal access to employee benefits information.
  • Educate employees on what benefit offerings are available to them through their benefits package. 
  • Know your employees and identify what they care about to effectively communicate with them.
  • Use communication tools that they are familiar with, like apps, text, and email.
  • Keep your employee benefits communication simple. Don’t include unnecessary pages or confusing language—just lay out all the information they need in an easy-to-understand and straightforward format.

Employer communication is directly tied to employee engagement, meaning how you communicate with your employees can impact their interaction with and use of their benefits package. To create a benefits communication strategy that increases employee engagement with valuable health perks, focus on:

  • Being transparent and visible
  • Enabling two-way conversations
  • Including all employees
  • Using clear and concise language 
  • Centralizing your communication

Marsh McLennan Agency helps you incorporate these key factors and more into your benefits communication strategy. With solutions ranging from employee communications and engagement to enrollment and well-being, our team of mobile and virtual benefits specialists can help you rework your benefits communication to reach more employees.

Meet an employee communications specialist.