Business Insurance

Business Insurance To Keep Your Business Afloat No Matter What

To prevent risk to your organization and protect you from severe harm in the event that something unfortunate does happen, proper commercial insurance is essential. Our account teams work with you to help ensure proper insurance protection is in place and that you get all the support you need — whether structuring new coverage or managing a claim through to resolution. In fact, our goal is to have you consider us as part of your team.

We do our homework.
Because your business is unique, we research your organization, industry, market and people to uncover your risks and learn about goals. Then we develop a comprehensive solution that protects your firm, your assets and your employees. We work with a wide variety of carriers, so we are always able to find the right match no matter what your needs are.

We get to the root cause.
Risk prevention services support your insurance coverage by addressing the causes of risk at its roots. Some of the services we use to help prevent damaging insurance claims from occurring in the first place include the following:

Claims Assessment & Analysis

  • Past claims analysis—by business unit, shift, department, etc.
  • Loss picks

Employee Wellbeing, Support & Engagement

  • Safety culture development
  • Behavioral observations and analysis
  • Leadership and employee coaching, training and screening
  • Pre-hire through post-hire support
  • 24/7 employee health and wellness

Safety & Loss Prevention

  • Safety committees and safety consulting
  • On-site and walk through inspections
  • OSHA, DOT and regulatory compliance