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Evaluate needs

Begin with evaluating your organization’s needs.


The first step to promoting mental well-being is to assess the needs of the population. 

Complete a workplace mental health assessment to find opportunities to promote mental well-being in your workplace. You also need to consider the demographic makeup of your employee population as every culture has different experiences. Combine mental health initiatives with diversity, equity & inclusion strategies to advocate for underrepresented groups. Below are resources to guide your organization in evaluating the needs of your employee population. 

Recognize impact of mental health 

Organizational mental health assessments

Awareness of cultural and demographic needs

Asian Americans





Native Americans


Train managers/supervisors 


Individual employees can also assess their own needs. Evidence-based assessments can help employees determine next steps in supporting their mental well-being. You can direct your employees to the resources below. 

Share mental health screenings employees can do on their own

Support for the employee living with a mental health challenge

Support for the employee who is a caretaker

Industry specific resources

Construction industry

Healthcare industry

Legal industry

Education– K-12

First responders – fire, police, EMT

Mental health playbook steps