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Evaluate needs

Begin with evaluating your organization’s needs.


The first step to promoting social well-being is to assess the needs of the population. Complete a workplace social well-being assessment to find opportunities to promote social well-being in the workplace.

Employers also need to consider the demographic makeup of their employee population as every culture has different experiences. Assess social well-being initiatives and DE&I tactics, along with community and environmental programs to identify gaps and opportunities for enhancement. 

Below are resources to guide your organization in evaluating the needs of your employee population.

Recommend employees complete personality and/or work style assessments to learn more about themselves  and in turn, better communicate with colleagues and peers.  

Recognize the varied cultural needs of employees and offer supportive resources. Mental well-being in particular can impact social well-being.  

Evaluate the impact of the social determinants of health within employee populations using scorecard tools. 

Create work environments for employees that encourage healthy behavior. By making the healthy choice the easy choice, employers can set up employees for success in building healthy habits. The goal is to create an environment that nudges healthy behavior. Contact your MMA account team to see about conducting an Environmental Choice Architecture Assessment.

Employee engagement surveys can provide insight into connections and levels of perceived support in the workplace. Contact your MMA account team for resources.  


Individual employees can begin to assess their own needs. Evidence-based assessments can help employees determine the next steps in supporting their social well-being. Employers can direct employees to several resources.  



Social well-being playbook steps