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Leverage resources


Simply offering resources and promoting healthy choices will not solve health inequities. Employers need to create an inclusive culture where everyone has the opportunity for well-being. Here you will find resources for integrating social determinants of health into your workplace culture, organized by CDC’s five domains for SDoH.

Foundational elements

Resources to address gaps in social determinants of health

Economic stability

Education access and quality 

  • Tutoring benefit
  • Student loan repayment programs
  • Health education opportunities 
  • Increase the literacy level, Forbes
  • Provide translation and interpreter services

Healthcare access and quality

Built environment

  • Smoke-free workplace
    • Smoke-free Policies Reduce Smoking, CDC
  • Workplace fitness opportunities 
    • Onsite gym and walking routes
  • Workplace lactation rooms 
  • Workplace healthy food access 
    • Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit, American Heart Association
  • Workplace culture that reduces psychological stress 

Social and community context

  • Social cohesion through events and team building
  • DE&I policies, communication, support 
  • Community volunteer initiatives 
  • Employee Resource Groups 
  • Employee Mentor Programs 
  • Social well-being programming 

Social determinants of health playbook steps

Behavioral change programs that aim to promote well-being and medical benefits alone will not be as effective if social determinants are not addressed. By addressing the social determinants of health, organizations can enhance the overall well-being of team members and their families by levelling the playing field so that all employees have an opportunity to thrive. This playbook explains where to start, what to do, and shares resources on how to do it. We will focus on four steps.